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A Year in Search: Google’s Trending Searches in Egypt for 2016

Google announced today its annual Year in Search report, offering a unique perspective on the year’s major moments and top trends based on searches conducted in Egypt. This year marks the 16th report in a row issued by Google.

This year’s trending searches in Egypt reveal an interest in national events such as the Tiran and Sanafir incident, as well as Mahmoud Abdel Aziz’s funeral. Politics also took center stage this year, with the top search queries including major political events such as the US presidential elections, which come topped the most trending searches of 2016.

“We always look forward to this part of the year where we share how the world searched for 2016. Year in Search is a look back at what caught the attention and curiosity of our users in the Middle East and North Africa over the past 12 months, and especially here in Egypt,” commented Joyce El-Baz, Head of Communications for Google in the Middle East and North Africa.

The results of Google’s trending searches in Egypt 2016 also reveal that entertainment is a major point of interest for Egyptians, with movies such as Hassan & Boqloz, Abu Shanab, Hell in India, and Hepta, in addition to Awlad Rizk, coming on top of the list of Egypt’s most searched movies. While Ramadan’s hit TV series Al Ostoora (The Legend) made it to the most trending general searches list.

On the other hand, Google’s Year in Search report also revealed the most trending public figures of 2016 with the late renowned Arab poet Nizar Qabbani heading the list, which also includes singer Ahmed Sheba, Amr Diab, the late actor Mamdouh Abd El Aleem, and actress Mirhan Hussein, among others.

Events 2016 EG
Events 2016 EG

Here are lists of the top the top trending search results in Egypt for 2016:


  1. Mahmoud Abdul Aziz’s Funeral
  2. Tiran and Sanafir
  3. Ministry of Local Development Competition
  4. Sham El Nessim 2016
  5. Attaba Fire
  6. Egypt Air plane
  7. Egypt Cup
  8. US Presidential Election
  9. Minya
  10. Abbassiya Church


Top Trending Searches

  1. Thanaweya Amma Results 2016
  2. S. Dollar Exchange Rate
  3. Al Ostoura TV Series
  4. Rio De Janeiro Olympic Games 2016
  5. Pokémon go
  6. Mahraganat 2016
  7. Mahmoud Abdul Aziz
  8. Amy Samir Ghanem Wedding
  9. The Civil Service Law
  10. Ramadan 2016


Top Trending Public Figures

  1. Nizar Qabbani
  2. Ahmed Sheba
  3. Mahmoud Abdul Aziz
  4. Amr Diab
  5. Mirhan Hussein
  6. Mamdouh Abdul Aleem
  7. Taymour El Sobky
  8. Wael Nour
  9. Ahmed Malik
  10. Ahmed Zewail


Top Trending Movies

  1. Hassan & Boqloz
  2. Abu Shanab
  3. Hell in India
  4. Hepta
  5. Suicide Squad
  6. Awlad Rizk
  7. Konghor Hobbena
  8. Iyaal Hareefa
  9. Al Haram El Rabie
  10. Laff Wi Dawaran

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