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After Morgan Freeman, Yanni promotes #ThisIsEgypt Campaign

For 25 years, the 60 year old keyboardist, pianist, composer and music producer, and two-time Grammy Award nominee, has experimented with music beyond the boundaries of popular music genres, despite it being labeled under ‘New Age’.

On September 5, the world renowned Greek-American musician Yiannis Chryssomallis, popularly known as Yanni, has announced on his official Facebook and Twitter accounts that he will be performing along with his phenomenal orchestra for the first time ever in Egypt by the Giza Pyramids on October 30.

Once Yanni arrived in Egypt, he published videos by the River Nile showing his excitement to perform at the Pyramids.

Yanni arrives to Cairo!

Posted by Yanni on Monday, October 26, 2015

Following his arrival, Yanni will shoot a clip to promote tourism in Egypt based on an agreement with the Tourism Ministry. The clip will be used by 24,000 Sony stores for the next six months, according to concert organizer Ashraf Haridy.

The tour will include visits to the Pyramids, Khan El-Khalili, Al-Muez Streets, and Cairo Citadel. The pictures taken from these tours will be used to promote tourism in Egypt with the hashtag #ThisIsEgypt to show people the true image of Egypt, Saad said.

Yanni started his press conference in Egypt saying ” I am here to celebrate Egypt and The Egyptians, I want to send message to whole world who are Egyptians the passionate and friendly people”

During the conference, Yanni revealed his intent to present a new musical composition, created exclusively for Egypt, which he intends to call “In celebration of Egypt.”


Yanni’s much anticipated ‘Dream Concert’ by the Pyramids follows a number of concerts that were performed on the premises of world famous sites including the Taj Mahal in India, the Forbidden City in China, the Kremlin in Moscow, El Morro Castle in Puerto Rico, the ancient city Byblos in Lebanon, the Carthage in Tunisia and Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Last week, #ThisIsEgypt went viral on social media when Morgan Freeman visited Egypt to shoot at the Pyramids.

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