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WUZZUF Unlock’ 18: New Revolutionized Platform to Top Companies

WUZZUF, is uncovering its revamped platform during ‘WUZZUF Unlock’ 18’ event, an exclusive event targeting top-tier employers, government officials, media, and influencers in the job market in Egypt.

The event will discuss top challenges expressed by companies and professionals. It will also provide the attendees with an opportunity to engage with the new platform and the people behind.

“The new WUZZUF is a product of years of research on the online hiring trends and usage patterns of millions of Egyptian professionals. We managed to develop a deep understanding of our customers’ needs either from the top employers or professionals who seek jobs. WUZZUF new platform offers an effective solution to the Egyptian job market challenges, while definitely keeping a global standard to the product” stated Ameer Sherif, CEO & Co-founder of WUZZUF.


Standing in the intersection between technology and recruitment, ‘WUZZUF UNLOCK’ 18’ is a planned to be unique event; In addition to revealing the new seamless upgraded product experience, the event will be gathering top-tier companies and influencing players in the recruitment and Egyptian job market.

“Our mission is connecting the right people with the right career opportunities at scale, empowering professionals throughout their career growth, as well as helping employers hire the right calibers easier and faster” added Ameer.

WUZZUF UNLOCK 18’ will also introduce the audience to powerful insights about the Egyptian job market in terms of major online recruitment trends, top sought-after jobs, and market talent-supply gaps. All of which give predictive insights into the dynamics of the Egyptian job market in the coming years.

Since its inception in 2012, WUZZUF has grown exponentially to a team of over 250 members supporting 15,000 companies and over 1 million professionals on its platform. With over 10 million job applications to more than 500,000 open vacancies, WUZZUF is considered the online recruitment market leader in Egypt in terms of the number of jobs and active employers hiring.

WUZZUF’s goal is to get 1 million competent, and experienced professionals hired through the platform by 2020.

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