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Wimpy Returns to Egypt to Regain Its Glorious Old Days

A couple of days ago major news circulated the internet about a very famous restaurant reopening in Egypt; this restaurant is ‘Wimpy’. This news had caused a huge buzz on social media platforms and it was one of the trendiest topics on the internet.

In fact, most people, especially those who are of old age were so excited to hear this news as ‘Wimpy’ is considered to be ‘Classic’. With ‘Wimpy’ returning, we expect major change to happen in the Food and Beverage sector and we also have a lot of expectations when the restaurant officially opens

So, let’s discuss what could happen when ’Wimpy’ opens its doors.


The Return of Wimpy

‘Wimpy’ is one of the most famous restaurants in Egypt back in the 80s.

If you don’t know, it was famous for its tasty burgers and it used to be located in Al-Zamalek. People who grew up in the late 70s and 80s used to order meals from it and you won’t find a single person who didn’t love this restaurant.

So, having ‘Wimpy’ back will attract a wide range of people and of all ages; elders will love to relive their good old days that they spent in this restaurant, while young people will be curious to try it due to the stories they heard about it.

According to the available information, the restaurant will be serving burgers, wings, tacos, hot dogs, breakfast, and more fast-food meals.


Will We See Campaigns?

It only took a post on Facebook to spread the news and everyone started talking.

So, if a social media post caused this huge buzz, what can a campaign do?

With this huge love from people, we expect the restaurant to launch huge campaigns to promote the reopening. ‘Wimpy’ has a huge history and many stories with many Egyptians, so, there could be many campaigns depending on the restaurant’s history and people’s stories.

A campaign will lead ‘Wimpy’ to huge success and even wider popularity and will make it a huge competitor to other restaurants.


Factors That Could Lead to Success or to Fail

There are multiple factors that could make the brand succeed and at the same time, there are other factors that could drive it to failure.

As we mentioned before, the history of ‘Wimpy’ in Egypt along with its stories can be the key to its success. Another factor that could make this brand gain its glory is the need for change! People are all familiar with most of the restaurants in Egypt and they almost tried them all; so having a new one will attract them.

But, what if the food quality isn’t the best?

When people say ‘Wimpy’ they immediately remember the tasty burger and buns. People, especially elders will want to have the same taste they had back in the 80s; so, if the food quality is not as good, they will be disappointed.


A Vicious Competition

‘Wimpy’ has many strong competitors, so it has to calculate every step it takes in the market.

The restaurant is competing with both international and local brands; there are many restaurants that specialize in just burgers and they all serve the best quality, so ‘Wimpy’ has to have something different to provide its customers with.

The brand has a long way to stabilize its position in the food and beverage industry and in the whole market.  So, ‘Wimpy’ has to make sure it provides the best food quality, best service, and best campaigns.


How do you see Wimpy’s future in Egypt and what are your expectations?

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