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Why Haya Karima’s Optimistic Ramadan 2022 Collaboration With Amir Eid Is Optimized for Ad Recall

The national initiative committed to developing the lives of humans in Egypt's countryside brought back the melodies of Egyptian singer, Sayed Mekawy, to life in a new dress as they told us how we could help one another.

Ramadan can surely hold plenty of adverts and marketing campaigns, but most of them aren’t revisited after Islam’s holy month has elapsed. The few that are good enough to be unforgettable can be recalled and evoke nostalgia in the Ramadans that follow. That’s because they’re built and designed with only Ramadan in mind.

Haya Karima‘s advert, however, was built differently. It managed to strike a balance between being relevant to Ramadan’s spirit (without being all about Ramadan) and depicting a hopeful view of Egyptians in the countryside. This, coupled with a few other factors, made the advert evergreen content that shall outlive Ramadan 2022.

Enjoy Haya Karima’s heart-warming jingle, sung by Cairokee’s Amir Eid, below and run with us through a breakdown of why their advert is set to stay alive onwards, the messages conveyed within it, and its performance in numbers.

Talents Bridging Between Generations: Cairokee’s Amir Eid Reintroducing a Sayed Mekawy Classic

Sayed Mekawy (1928 – 1997) was one of Egypt’s most celebrated singers and composers, with his popularity stretching across the country as well as among numerous Arabic-speaking countries. Among his most popular songs was “Nashid Al-Muqawma Al-Sha’biya” (or, roughly translated, “The Popular Resistance Anthem”). But he also sang about love, and core Egyptian values, and was also famous for his religious compositions.

Similarly loved—especially among Egypt’s youth—for a rebellious spirit that can also delve into everyday emotions and romance is Cairokee’s Amir Eid.

The Haya Karima Ramadan 2022 advert followed a classic Sayed Mekawy melody, bringing it back to life in their jingle, but this time led by Amir Eid’s rich and gravelly vocals. This way, the advert—which is aimed at Egyptians from all walks of life—bridged between the country’s generations and presented a beautiful song that can be relatable to all.

The lyrics were dedicated to encapsulating the values and warmth of Egypt’s countryside and its people. Fittingly, Haya Karima (Decent Life) is all about developing the lives of humans in the Egyptian countryside.

The song ends with Amir Eid asserting that in order to achieve that purpose, we all need to help out one another, and eventually calls people to take action and donate.

Depicting Scenes From the Egyptian Countryside in a Beautiful But Unpolished & Authentic Look

Haya Karima’s advert is certainly a dynamic one. In sync with the music, the camera’s movement and later post-production ensure the viewer’s smooth transition between various hopeful sceneries from the Egyptian countryside where we indulge in both everyday moments and the remarkable life events of its actors.

It is not a documentary, and not trying to be one. But it still captures an authentic look and feel of the Egyptian countryside while focusing on the hopeful and uplifting. It stays away from evoking pity or guilt, and instead—as Amir Eid states at the beginning of the copy—tries to imagine a brighter future.

Finally, even though the spirit of Ramadan and its values can be felt throughout the advert, the visuals don’t limit it to Ramadan viewings and therefore it won’t feel outdated when viewed outside of it.

A Promising Performance on Socials

Here’s a quick recap of the advert’s major accomplishments on social media. A promising start indeed…

YouTube Video Views
Facebook Video Views
Overwhelmingly Positive Interactions

What’s your impression of the advert and what messages did it convey to you? Was it more or less what you expected from a substantial initiative like Haya Karima? Share your insight with us!

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