Why Etisalat’s Ahmed Hemly Campaign Won Silver and Bronze at Dubai LYNX 2019?

Dubai Lynx is one of the region’s most respected creative festival and awards, and its awards continue to be one of the high honors an agency/brand in the region can receive. Think Marketing saw first hand this year just how strong we are in the regional award industry, as Egyptians represented and took multiple awards in various categories.

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One of the agencies and brands that shone that night were Etisalat and FP7/CAI, particularly for the telecom’s ad campaign for their new family tariff Hekaya Family.


With a total 67M views across all platforms, a total engagement of 1.2M and over 100K shares, the campaign hit the right channels. Interestingly, the ads did best on YouTube compared to their Facebook counterpart, receiving 37.1M views on YouTube compared to Facebook’s 30M.

The campaign went on to receive the Silver Entertainment and Bronze Best Film/Script Writing awards at last month’s Dubai Lynx.


Hitting the right nerve

When economic issues strike, wallets shrink and tighten, and that is nothing new. Etisalat and FP7/CAI went to the streets to learn more about how millennials are now “more cautious about their spending like never before…[which] pushed people to do major cuts in their expenses to save as much money as they can, this also made them use their phones less; limiting calls to family…”

Using this insight, the brand pushed forward their new tariff, “Hekaya Family,” 4 different bundles that allow people to make free calls to family members when they subscribe to the same monthly package.

Creatively, the campaign moved towards the idea of “what would it be like if talking to your family cost money in real life?”

When each letter in a text and each second on the phone costs money, people have always found ways to go around the issue such as Franco and the Asian equivalent Jejemon. So, can the same be applied to real life? The campaign answered.


Etisalat’s New Language Turned Into Memes

The campaign blossomed online, and the new “cost efficient” language became a meme that many took to online video to show off.

From music videos


To brands having a bit of a laugh

Etisalat’s Hekaya Family campaign was one to catch earlier this year.

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