Who is behind Ganna Ramadan 2013 Ad

Seems like Ramadan 2013 Ads attraction is based on nostalgia, After Pepsi and Chipsy booming advert for Ramadan 2103 focusing on family gathering using nostalgia bringing Ramadan iconic characters in one advert, Also Impact BBDO made a great TVC for Savola Egypt played on nostalgia theme.

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Kitchen is My Game The idea developed by Creative Director and Copy Writer: Mohamed Kamal was very well implemented. The media implementation behind the TVC is based on adopting a sentimentally practical approach derived from consumer insight.

Before we answer an intriguing Question ; If Ganna Ramadan 2013 Ad was developed from scratch or, its another copycat ? Lets watch the next Ad and then decide …

Cadbury Made in Miniature

Made in Miniature Campaign developed by Cadbury Australia Sep.  2011
Cadbury Flake “Made in Miniature”
Directed by Chris & Lachlan at Exit Films, Melbourne.
More “Made in Miniature” TVCs and full credits at


Ganna Ramadan Ad

Client: Savola Egypt
Agency: Impact BBDO
Executive Creative Director: Hussam Moro
Creative Director/Copy Writer: Mohamed Kamal
Associate Creative Director/Art Director: Ahmed Hefnawy
Art Director: Amr Mohsen
Senior Graphic Designer: Sherif Mansour
Senior Illustrator/Sroryboard: Mohamed Magdy
Illustrator/Storyboard: Hazem Kamal
Head of TV Production: Mohamed Abdelrehim
Senior TV Producer: Saleh El Azab
Line Producer: Sarah Hashem
Managing Director: Emile Tabanji
Planning Director: Mohamed Abdellatif
Group Accound Director: Mohamed Sadek
Account Executive: Menna Hagras
Production House: Partizan London
Directed by: Matthias Hoene
Music Composer: Sary Hany
V.O Ingy Ashraf Nazif
Post Production: MPC London


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