WE – Telecom Egypt Revive “be 100 wesh” Trend For Summer Campaign

We Telecom Egypt has been competing in releasing adverts that grab people’s attention and we have to admit that the brand knows how to make use of any trend for its own benefit.

We have been seeing many adverts from We that are on a high level of creativity and going in parallel with any trend so the audience can relate. Most of the time the brand is trying to achieve all factors of creating an advert that grabs the viewer’s attention.


How Did WE Succeed in This Advert?

Let us analyze this step by step, Back in Ramadan, one of the most trending TV series was “Be 100 Wesh” and this show gained huge popularity especially the cast members along with their famous catchphrases. The show was trending the whole month of Ramadan and until this very moment, people are still using it as a meme.

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We Telecom used the popularity of certain cast members since they were the ones most talked about and created an advert. So, not only the brand used one of the trendiest topics in Ramadan, but it also tried to revive the trend once more.


Remind The Viewers of What They Love

Reminding the audience of something they used to love is a plus to the advert and can give it a high chance to make it go viral and succeed, and this is what happened with the new advert. The brand wanted to remind the audience of their favorite cast members so they can go and watch the advert.

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One of the things that We included in the advert is having bright and summer colors that always attract people and trigger their emotions. Also, the idea of the beach view is always an attention grabber since it is almost everyone’s favorite view.

So the view and colors are major factors in getting the viewer to like the advert alongside the idea.


Will We Be Seeing More of The Cast?

Seeing this advert and how successful it was, makes us wonder if we will be seeing more adverts from We collaborating with the same cast members or even other members.

Also, even though the second season of the show was announced but won’t be on TV next Ramadan, we can’t help but wonder if the telecommunication company will collaborate with the cast next Ramadan to create another advert that will impress us just like this one.

It will make the audience miss the show and will create excitement for the second season.


We can’t wait to see more of We’s adverts and how they use the right factors to create a successful commercial.

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