6 Key Factors to Consider When Creating An Advert’s Copy

Ever since the holy month Ramadan started, we have been observing the current adverts and analyzing it, and since Ramadan is known to be the season of advertisements, we always tend to search for the advert that will impress us the most.

We have come across some adverts that caught our attention and nailed our admiration, and others failed to meet our expectations. Not to mention that some adverts received a backlash.

Have you ever wondered why an advert fails or why you couldn’t relate to it? There are some factors that should be considered when you are about to create an advert to avoid failure or criticism.


1- Understanding The Client’s Brief

The very first step is understanding the client’s brief; you can’t start working on your advert’s idea without fully understanding the given brief with all its details. You have to be aware of the product you will be promoting and the message the client or brand wants to deliver to its consumers.

It is a common problem that sometimes briefs tend to be vague, don’t be afraid to ask questions so you can get a cleared image of what you will be working on.


2- Know Your Audience

When it comes to creating an advert, the first thing you have to think about is the audience. You have to think about your target audience and how you can create something that they can relate to, but this isn’t all, you have to put in mind that your advert will be watched by more than your target audience and your advert must serve them too. You have to put yourself in the audience’s shoes, think about what they want to see, how they will react towards the idea, and make them feel as if you’re speaking directly to them.

Knowing your audience is the key; think of an idea that will be acceptable by both your target audience and others who will come across your advert to avoid any possible backlash.


3- Think Different

The advertisements’ world requires creativity, this is what every brand tries to present. A creative advert guarantees success. Always broaden your mind, never limit your thoughts, look for different sources of inspiration, and search for similar brands and how they present an idea.


4- Don’t let Creativity Ruin Relevancy

As much as an advert should be creative, it has to remain relevant to the product and its purpose. We have seen some adverts that grab the attention ad creative but failed to serve the brand’s goal and message and were irrelevant to the brand.

Relevancy is necessary; your advert must match the brand and must deliver a clear message to the audience.

5- Make It Memorable

One of the main factors that will make your advert successful is how memorable and eye-catching it is. Every copywriter’s goal is for their advert to remain in people’s minds. Over the years, we have witnessed many adverts that left a mark in our minds and until now, we tend to share them on social media platforms.

Details are important; you have to think of every small detail in your advert, from the script to how you picture the setting.

Adverts remain memorable when they are creative, relevant to the circumstances, and to the audience, and jingles add special flavors. The music grabs the attention and easier to remember, this is why some brands tend to add jingles to their adverts so people can remember it and sing it.

So imagine coming up with a creative idea that is relevant to the product with a catchy jingle, it will probably stay in people’s minds for a long time.


6- Keep It Short

Long adverts can bore people, therefore you have to keep it short and straight to the point, so you can make sure people will enjoy it and watch it till the end and won’t criticize how long it is.


If you were to create an advert, tell us what will you be considering?

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