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Creating a masterpiece, watch the BBC’s trailer for World Cup 2018

The World Cup is 25 days away. BBC Sport are one of the TV channels where fans will be able to watch the games LIVE. The BBC’s World Cup trailer is created to deliver an operatic montage of historic and memorable events from football’s biggest tournament.

Inspired by how history was once recorded with the likes of Diego Maradona, Roger Milla, Paul Gascoigne and Zinedine Zidane etched into World Cup history, who will join them in 2018?

Featuring an opera song written in the 1800’s during the Imperial era of Russia, it’s an apt soundtrack for the visually stunning trailer. Instead of just using film of memorable incidents from previous World Cup tournaments, the BBC has animated these key moments.

That technique grabs our attention and doesn’t make us tire of watching this trailer over and over again as we look for things we might have missed the first time.

Music: Oche Cheryne. Performed by the London Metropolitan Orchestra featuring Sir John Tomlinson. Arranged by Alex Baranowski.

How The BBC Made Its Animated World Cup Film?

The BBC’s World Cup trailer is an operatic montage of historic and memorable events from football’s biggest tournament, all of which were painstakingly embroidered frame by frame and photographed into a 60-second trailer.

The BBC Creative duo behind the spot explained how their idea came to life in The Drum’s latest Anatomy of an Ad.

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