Want to Start Your Own Blog? Check These 8 Tips First

Have you ever started writing and ended up not knowing what to do with all these articles and stories? As someone who possesses the talent of writing you need a place to publish all of these ideas and one of the things you probably heard multiple times when some reads something you wrote is “Why don’t you have a blog?”

A blog is a very good idea for those who are creative especially writers; So, have you ever thought about starting a blog but you didn’t know how to? Sit back and read these tips, they will definitely help you.


1- Who Are The Other Bloggers and What Do They Do?

If you decided to create your own blog then you need to do some research about other bloggers. Find out who they are and what they do.

You have to pay attention to every little detail, what name they chose, what topics they write about, when they started, and how their blog has been developing and gaining popularity over time.

Also, you have to know what and who you’re up against.


2- Pick A Website to Create A Blog

There are many websites to help you create your blog, and people always recommend WordPress.

Although WordPress is pretty common and it gives you many features, some people create their blogs using social media platforms. You can see many pages on Facebook are used as a blog and some people use Instagram or even Tumblr.

You are free to choose whatever you’re comfortable using but just know that WordPress offers more features than social media platforms.


3- What Will You Write About?

You have to determine the topics you will be writing about or at least what are the ones you will be avoiding to stay away from controversy.

Also, you can do research on what people like to read and start writing about them to reach people.

One of the things you can do is categorizing your blog according to your topics and what type of writing you will be doing; will it be poetry, articles, or stories? Determining the topics you want to discuss will help you categorize your blog; when you put each topic in its category, you will make it easier for people to read what they want.

One of the things you have to pay attention to is the trending topics, always make a room in your topics for what is trending so your blog can always be updated.


4- Grab People’s Attention

You can grab people’s attention by your writings and the topics you’re discussing but also by two majors things, which are designs and titles.

Every piece of writing you post, you will be needing a catchy design or an image to grab people’s attention, the eye is the key. If the image grabbed the attention, then the next thing they will be seeing is the title. Your chosen title has to be interesting and has to make people curious to read about this certain topic.

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Also, if you are using websites for blogs, make sure you are using templates and background colors that are comfortable to the eye but also, grab the attention.

Your blog has to be a comfortable place for people to come and read.


5- Pick a Name

Your blog should have a name, whether you’re creating it on a social media platform or a website, you should be thinking about an interesting name.

Don’t pick random names, if you want people to check your blog, then go for an interesting one that also relates to the topics and themes you chose to discuss.

The name has to give people an idea of what they will find.


6- Vary Your Content

What you’re doing on your blog is called creating content, so you should vary it. Don’t stick to one style of writing and if you can, then try to present something else than writing.

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You should vary your writing, in other words, don’t stick to one form of articles and don’t always write articles. You can write quotes with a simple design and you can even start creating videos that discuss certain topics instead of discussing them through writing.

This will entertain your audience and will keep them coming for more.


7- Know What SEO Is to Use It

You have to include certain words in your writings and in the tags section so your blog can appear on Google. SEO is one of the essential things that you must know about to lead a successful blog.

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There is a lot to learn when it comes to SEO, however understanding the basics and what items are more or less important to your objectives when building your online presence is extremely important and easy.


8- Use Your Social Media Accounts

People have to know about your blog, so whenever you publish a new piece, you have to share it on your personal accounts, especially if you are writing on a website and not a social media page.

Social Media might help you in gaining some popularity.

Eventually, owning a blog will help you a lot if you want to start a career in writing. It will prove how good your skills are and adding it to your portfolio is definitely a plus.

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