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Vodafone’s Message to You: “We Get You”

Our love for creative campaigns is endless and there are certain brands that always launch attention-grabbing campaigns. Vodafone is actually one of the best telecom brands that launches campaigns that reach its target audience perfectly.

What makes a campaign successful is how the audience relates to it, and Vodafone never fails to make its target audience relate to their ideas and campaigns.

In a newly launched campaign, Vodafone is targeting techies in a smart, creative way. Let’s dig more into the campaign, shall we?


H2H Recruitment Campaign

Finding them isn’t so easy – especially for vacancies in innovative positions. As humans become ever more merged with their tech and devices, the need to keep your communications human has never been higher.

Vodafone decided to launch a recruitment campaign not just to capture the attention of those talented individuals but also to show the brand’s internal culture.

The campaign was built on real life stories by Vodafoners that will make you feel inspired to join the team.


We Get You

The campaign is a series of adverts showcasing the work environment in Vodafone and the work nature of a techies. This is why they used the slogan فاهمينك_وعايزينك_معانا#  or “We Get You, We Want You”. Vodafone as an employer is attracting its target audience by telling them that it understands what they go through when it comes to their jobs.

And as you can tell from the adverts, the campaign is targeting techies and fresh graduates with technical skills. We can say that Vodafone as an employer knew the exact right way to reach its target audience, because if you are a techie then you probably related to the adverts.

Reaching your target audience is a sign of a successful campaign.


Vodafone Is Not Just Telecom Company

Vodafone is something more than just a telecom company! In fact, it is the number one digital employer just as it is the number one telecom company.

It is obvious through the adverts that Vodafone cares about its employees. The company provides a work environment where employees can work properly and take breaks to freshen up. Some of the adverts are authentic testimonials by real Vodafone employees. They are sharing their work experience, and their collaboration as a team and with other teams.

Vodafone also makes sure to keep it diverse. In other words, the company has a lot of projects in coding, software development, and programming, so anyone with technical skills can find their spot.


Vodafone: A Place to Grow

As we mentioned earlier, Vodafone is considered to be the number one digital employer. It is the place for fresh tech minds to grow and to add up to their experience and knowledge. The company’s mission is to attract those with creative minds to start executing their creative ideas and to be themselves.

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Vodafone in fact has many digital fields that every tech can find their true passion. For example, there is Data Science, Digital Channels, Business Intelligence, App Development, and Telecommunications Engineering. So, no matter what your area of expertise, you will find your place.

Vodafone as an employer and a big tech company wants to shape the future, so, are you ready to be part of Vodafone’s exciting future?

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