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Vodafone Power to Women!

Do you make sure that your brand’s core values are integrated in your marketing strategy? How frequent do you convey what your brand stands for?

Vodafone Group and Vodafone Egypt convey in its marketing strategy and programs what it believes. Therefore, Vodafone customers and employees respect and are loyal to their brand.

As Vodafone’s slogan says: “The Power to You”, Vodafone stick to its slogan as best as it can, it listens to the people, see how it can help, make their lives better and providing them with solutions. Vodafone is dedicated to empower the people.

Vodafone takes women empowerment seriously:

Vodafone prides itself on its women empowerment programs. It even communicates it within its community to the point that it’s an integral part of who they are.

Shahinaz Ghazy, Director of Vodafone International Services (VIS) told us/ said in an interview conducted by Think Marketing Magazine: ” Diversity and women inclusion in our operations and management is how we gauge our success, we make sure that women are represented at least by 30%-40% in all of our departments.”

Honoring International Women's Day

Celebrating the amazing contributions women make to our world and our future. Watch Vodafone Egypt Executive Ladies sharing their thoughts with us. #InternationalWomensDay

Posted by Think Marketing Magazine on Wednesday, March 8, 2017

And Nihal Zaki, Director of Consumer Business Unit added: ”Vodafone’s goal is by 2020, there will be 50% women in the high-level management.”

“We launch a new initiative for the working women every few months.” said Nagla A. Kinawi, HR Director.

Vodafone is supporting women’s success:

Vodafone loves change and it is driven to empower people and specially women. Vodafone released yesterday an advert featuring the success stories of some of the women that Vodafone supported through its different initiatives.

The video features Kapilaben Bhailalbhai Vankar from India, a widowed mum who has a farm and takes care of her family, Vodafone empowered her to check the market’s prices and keep up with sales management.

Wafaa Mohamed Ramadandan from Egypt, she had the chance to learn how to write and read with The Vodafone Literacy Initiative. Now, Muazzes Özer from Turkey can sell her handmade pottery by promoting them on Vodafone’s app.

In just a day the video gained 36K likes and 1,686 shares. The video was viewed 1.2M. They are just a few of the 50 million women which Vodafone supports and empower through their diverse programs.

Vodafone Empowers working women to “Reconnect”:

Vodafone released an International advert empowering women to return back to the workforce by their “Reconnect” Initiative. Vodafone understands the struggle and challenges women face when returning to the workforce after a long leave.

They help each year a large number of women to reconnect, to follow their passion and resume their careers.

As Nihal Zaki said: “There is a time in every woman’s life when people keep telling her, your priority should be your family and home. It’s okay, but when you work, you’ll always find a way to balance and achieve your goals and you will find yourself through your work.”

Which is what this program is all about. Giving these women another chance to find themselves and enhancing their lives by pursuing their dreams and following their passion.

The advert features the success stories of women’s first day at work, with supporting text messages from special members of their family or indirectly hinting at Vodafone. Providing them the little push needed to power through, conquer their fears and ignite their passion once again.

Vodafone gives the Power to Women!

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