Vodafone Plus: Creating An Advert Out of Trending Memes

Vodafone Plus has released a new advert and we have to admit that it is probably one of the best adverts that we have ever seen.

It’s no strange that Vodafone releases creative adverts to promote its new bundles and plans and the brand never fails to impress us, but this time we gotta give to Vodafone Plus as it created a brilliant advert and depended on many factors that enabled it to reach its target audience.


Trendjacking at Its Finest

Vodafone Plus released a new advert a couple of days ago that included most of the trends and trending memes.

First of all, the brand collaborated with “Saba3ba3” from “Be 100 wesh” who is a character that everyone fell in love with and was trending back in the holy month Ramadan.

The whole advert is all about memes, there is not a single scene where you can’t find a meme that you personally used. Right from the first scene, the company used the famous funeral dance coffin meme.

So, using memes and trends made the advert leave a good impact on the viewer especially those of young age who use memes the whole time.


Reaching Your Target Audience

Let’s be clear that most of the internet users are from a young age so this category needs a huge amount of gigabytes, which is what the advert is promoting. So, since this advert is directed to this category, there was no better than using memes to reach this segment of the audience.

We all use memes so using this as a factor to reach the target audience is definitely a smart move.


“El E3lan Da Ghareeb Gdn”

We were surprised to see the famous actor Mohamed Reyad in the advert, and we love to thank Vodafone Plus for bringing back this meme to life.

A while back, a famous scene of Mohamed Reyad in “Lan A3eesh Fe Gelbab Abi” was going viral on Facebook. People took this scene and started using it as a meme and it has spread like fire and became everyone’s favorite meme.

In Vodafone Plus’s advert, the brand recreated the meme to go along with the advert’s idea. We can say that this part in particular is one of our favorite parts of the advert.

Also, collaborating with the famous influencer Khaled Mokhtar was a plus since he gained a lot of popularity during quarantine and created many trending memes.

Featuring the monkey puppet meme was also a smart move since everyone around the globe is actually using this meme.


The advert until now has 3,800,704 million views on YouTube and we expect it to gain more in the upcoming days.

In the end, we want to salute Vodafone Plus for this hilarious creative advert.

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