Vodafone Egypt Outstanding Role Towards The Community And Against COVID-19

The current situation of the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic had caused the whole world a complete lockdown and everyone was advised to stay home.

Due to this situation, we have been noticing many campaigns spreading awareness of the importance to stay home and people are being provided with many services to help them avoid going out.

One of the international brands that we have been witnessing its great initiatives is Vodafone; the brand launched many campaigns to serve the community. It is also keeping people entertained while being at home to make quarantine time easier.

Vodafone has been doing a huge effort to help everyone to be safe and to follow the precautions, all the way from its employees to its users and everyone else.


Applying New Procedures To Avoid COVID-19

Vodafone Egypt made sure to follow the enforced precautions to prevent the Coronavirus from spreading. Every Vodafone store is being sterilized with all its surfaces, bathrooms and floor; the company applied a new “Crowd Control” policy, which is moving the waiting area outside the branch to limit the number of customers inside. Branch employees were also given masks, gloves, and sanitizers to protect them from any possible infection.

The brand wants to give the customers the best quality service while being at home; therefore, they had around two thousand engineers and technicians to make sure the best quality is being delivered and also increased the ADSL capacity by 20% to make staying home much easier. Vodafone is going in parallel with the government’s announcement of MCIT’s virtual learning as it gave students free access to educational platforms.


Vodafone’s Technical Solutions Makes Staying Home Easy

To urge people to stay home, Vodafone provided its users with two applications to help them with the needed services without the need to go out.

Vodafone Cash Application

Since staying at home and managing your financials at the same time can be difficult during Coronavirus time, Vodafone has managed to facilitate the process on its customers through Vodafone Cash.

The App enables you to transfer money whether from debit or credit card with just one click while you are staying at home in addition to increasing the storage limit for funds on the wallet to reach 50 thousand Egyptian pounds.

Ana Vodafone

Ana Vodafone is an exclusive application that enables the customers to activate many services remotely without needing to contact customer service.

Vodafone initiates an awareness campaign with 10 M Egyptian pounds donations to the ministry of health to combat COVID-19

Vodafone Egypt collaborated with Vodafone Foundation and donated around 10 million EGP to the ministry of health to support it fighting COVID-19. The company made sure to support hospitals and doctors by providing the hospitals with needed medical supplies and provided the medical staff who is taking part in the healing process of COVID-19 patients with 3000 minutes and 10 GB.

The network is spreading awareness and updating its users regarding the pandemic and had launched SMS campaigns among them to enable around 44 customers to donate to support the ministry of health; with every SMS a user receives, Vodafone donates 1 EGP for the cause.

Vodafone Egypt Foundations launches e-learning platform “Ta3limy” for students in collaboration with “Nahdet Misr”

Vodafone Egypt Foundation has collaborated with Nahdet Misr, the number one content provider for students in Egypt to provide exclusive experience and content from Al Adwaa on its E-learning platform, Ta3limy for all school educational stages and subjects.

#خليك_في_البيت_واحنا_نقربلك_البعيدحصرياً تقدر تذاكر من البيت مع منصة تعليمي بالشراكة مع الأضواء مجاناً…ادخل وسجل علي

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Ta3limy serves as an educational hub for students, parents and teachers that provides an optimized user experience and free access to Vodafone customers. The aim of this is to facilitate the students’ educational process during these difficult circumstances that have led education to shift online.


Bringing Your Favorite Artists To Your Home

Vodafone sponsored one of the biggest virtual concerts in history “The World At Home Together”, the concert was implemented by the internet company “Global Citizen” in collaboration with Lady Gaga and included performances by many iconic artists like Paul McCartney, Sir. Elton John, Billie Joe Armstrong, Jennifer Lopez, Stevie Wonder, Celine Dion, and many more, and was hosted by Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, and Stephen Colbert.

The concert’s main goal was to encourage everyone to stay home and it attracted a huge number of views from the whole world and gained more than 45 million dollars to buy medical masks, devices to conduct tests of COVID-19 and scientific research.

Another virtual concert was brought by Vodafone Egypt to entertain people at home. Vodafone had launched a campaign under the name “Stay Home… Stay Connected” to encourage people to stay home; part of the campaign was an online concert performed by Cairokee through Vodafone’s official YouTube Channel.

The concert reached more than 500,000 views and a huge number of social media posts were talking about it. Vodafone gave the audience the privilege of choosing the songs they want Cairokee to sing using the hashtag كايروكى_من_الاستوديو# which contacted the audience with the band.

Vodafone is trying to cover every angle of its clients’ life and needs to make sure they don’t need to go out to risk getting infected and it is doing a great job.

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