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Vodafone Egypt Named A Great Place To Work

Companies in Egypt have been making a huge effort to provide their employees with the best working environment. Over the years, we have been seeing many companies achieve many awards regarding their work environment or work culture; this time a one certain telecom company proved to be a great place to work.

Vodafone Egypt has been working hard proving to be the best in the field as it is always doing what’s best for its employees, which ended with great results.

The number one telecom company was granted the Great Place to Work certificate and we have all the details.



Great Place to Work, Discover, Develop and Achieve

Vodafone has released that it got officially awarded with The global Great Place to Work certification in recent exciting news.

This certificate is granted by the Great Place to Work Global Institute, and it is worth mentioning that Vodafone is the first telecom company in Egypt that was granted this certificate. The telecom company has been treating its employees like family members, in fact, the company always makes sure to provide its employees with the proper environment so they can flourish and develop.

Many employees have stated that they achieve career and personal growth in Vodafone.



A Different Position for Vodafone

Since Vodafone is the first telecom company to hold this certificate, its position will change in the market.

This certification will help to position Vodafone as the place to work for; in fact, it will grab people’s attention and it will attract more candidates. Therefore, this will enable Vodafone to be the ideal workplace as it provides its employees with a unique work culture that gives each individual the room to be creative and turn their creativity and ideas into business.



How The Vodafone Work Environment Was Chosen For Greatness?

The telecom company has earned this certification based on its employees’ feedback.

Choosing Vodafone to be a Great Place to Work was based on an anonymous survey that was taken by its employees. The survey asked them about the environment and the workplace experience and it was answered anonymously.

Some of the employees’ answers stated that the company is a physically safe place to work and that they are proud to tell others they work at Vodafone, while others expressed that they were made to feel welcome when they joined the company and that they were treated fairly regardless of their race or gender.

Since Vodafone always helps its employees improve and achieve success, these employees stated that they feel a sense of pride when they look at what they have accomplished, contribute to the community, and how they can make a difference.

Employees at Vodafone are given a lot of responsibilities and empowered to achieve and they also quickly adapt to changes needed for the organization’s success.


Vodafone has become a place for those who seek work in a place that treats them like family and allows them to grow.

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