How Vodafone Egypt Has Been Doing Extraordinary Efforts To Recycle Electronic Waste

Over the years, we have seen many international brands care about the environment and want to keep it sustainable. Many initiatives were launched to urge people and other companies to stop using materials that could cause damage to the environment.

Vodafone Egypt has been doing an extraordinary effort when it comes to the environment. The brand has been playing an important role when it comes to environmental sustainability and has also been participating in many initiatives related to this matter.


Vodafone’s Efforts In Keeping A Sustainable Environment

Vodafone Egypt has been constantly raising awareness, doing efforts, and launching initiatives to keep the environment safe.

Vodafone has 3 buildings including the headquarters in Smart Village and its Data Center in Beni Suif that are powered by solar energy. The company made sure to dispose of all of the non-essential plastic material in all of its headquarters and branches and replaced its plastic bags with cloth bags.

Through the report documented by the Global Reporting Initiative, Vodafone revealed all the details regarding its environmental activities and recently Vodafone Egypt partnered with The Ministry of Environment and launched a campaign to promote one of the biggest environmental initiatives.


E-Tadweer To Recycle Electronic Waste

In a simple yet creative advert, Vodafone had introduced E-Tadweer to us.

E-Tadweer is an application that enables the user to give back their old phone in exchange for discounts on the new one; you can do so by heading to one of the addresses listed on the application. This initiative aims to raise awareness around the necessity of the safe disposal of electronic waste.

Since many people buy new phones every year and leave their old ones behind, a recent study proved that Egypt generates around 500 -600 KT per year of e-waste and the domestic sector generates 23% of this e-waste.

So, through Vodafone’s campaign of E-Tadweer, people will be encouraged to exchange their old phones to get coupons, discounts, and collect points



Vodafone Egypt Supports E-Tadweer

Vodafone Egypt plays an important part in the “E-Tadweer” initiative.

Since the brand is the strategic partner of the “Live Green” initiative launched by The Ministry of Environment Under the patronage of President Al-Sisi, it will supervise the application and allow some of its branches to collect the electronic waste.

The company has been doing major efforts in promoting E-Tadweer; besides launching a creative digital campaign and an advert, it is raising awareness regarding the importance of the disposal of electronic waste.

it is encouraging people to be part of the initiative by donating their electronic waste through incentives and collecting points while the company itself will donate 10 tons of e-waste to help achieve the first step of the project.

Vodafone has been trying to grab many people’s attention towards the campaign and the application and it is doing so by sending SMS to people telling them about the application


We are sure that this initiative and the new E-Tadweer applications will be attracting many users.

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