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Vodafone Breaking Social Media Records and Sherihan Crowned as Ramadan 2021 Queen

This Ramadan, we have seen many brands launching big marketing campaigns trying to top each other, but no one stole the thunder other than Vodafone.

Vodafone has released its Ramadan campaign and amazed everyone with its new advert. The advert went viral in a matter of minutes and became the talk of every single person on social media.

The advert was a collaboration between Vodafone and the one and only iconic Sherihan. This was the moment where everyone fell in love with the advert and remembered their childhood. We can say that almost everyone who was born in the 80s or early 90s grew up watching Sherihan’s “Fawazeer” in Ramadan.


Sherihan Telling Her Life Story In Just 4 Minutes

If you watched the advert closely then you definitely realized that this was Sherihan’s life story.

The 4 minutes’ advert told her story with all of its ups and downs and how she has been persistent to overcome all of her obstacles. It’s widely known that Sherihan is the icon of beauty, elegance, success, power, and we were able to see that from the advert.

Vodafone has presented us a beautiful mix of the present and the past by using the technology to see Sherihan who presented Ramadan’s “Fawazeer” and the current Sherihan. The no. one network successfully sent us back to the 80s and had us all wishing that this glorious time would return but with a modern touch.

Through this advert, Vodafone is asserting its new brand positioning “Together we can” and assuring that together technology and human spirit are unstoppable. In this way, Sherihan was the perfect partner to present the irrepressible Egyptian spirit.


Vodafone Iconic Marketing Campaigns for Ramadan

Every Ramadan Vodafone releases adverts that blow our minds and go viral.

In less than 24 hours, the advert gained over 2 million views on YouTube, 38K likes, and over 4K comments and the views kept on growing on Facebook until it reached more than 100 million views.

This leads us to believe that Vodafone is strengthening its position in the market as an advertiser; the brand has been leading strong campaigns for a long time now and this season’s campaign proved it as it’s one of the strongest and surprising campaigns.

The campaign focused on every single detail and you can see that in the way they decorated the set, Sherihan’s and the dancers’ costumes, the song, and even the choreography; it was heartwarming to see Sherihan dance after all this time.

In the end, we want to thank Vodafone for this amazing advert, for bringing Sherihan back and for making this Ramadan a lot more special.

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