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Unlocking Egypt’s SME Potential with CIB Business Banking

As the largest economy in North Africa, Egypt has experienced tremendous growth in recent years and remains a powerful force for regional trade and investment.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have long been the backbone of the Egyptian economy. These businesses are a primary source of employment, innovation, and economic growth in the country. However, in recent years, SMEs have faced numerous challenges when it comes to accessing banking services such as financing or advice. Fortunately, CIB Business Banking is here to change that.

CIB’s Campaign Launch: Proof that Humor Always Works Best

Humor is a commonly incorporated element in Egyptian commercials. Having said that, you may be thinking it can’t apply to formal-looking businesses like banks. That’s where we’ll tell you: think again.

CIB seamlessly communicated its new service through a series of mini-episodes that humorously portrayed day-to-day obstacles SMEs face such as inefficient transportation or time-consuming transactions. In addition to that, CIB unified these episodes under the slogan “Matbawazhash 3ala Taka“; an Arabic expression meaning to not let things collapse due to minuscule details.

CIB’s slogan choice is clever and simple. For one thing, it’s commonly used in day-to-day Arabic among Egyptians, and it’s very fitting considering how trivial matters such as transportation or delayed transactions can actually nix a business deal. Moreover, the slogan effectively conveyed to its audience that CIB Business Banking will conveniently rid business owners of worrying about said matters.

Aside from our own analogy, the numbers speak for themselves . . . 

Before we dig deeper into the campaign analytics and figures, it is worth highlighting how CIB’s digital marketing campaign employed tactical strategies designed to reach the right target audiences in the most relevant platform to ensure that the campaign launch is successful.

By focusing on LinkedIn, they chose the most powerful social media platform for business owners.

LinkedIn Video Views
LinedIn Total Engagement
Inquires Ratio
YouTube Video Views
YouTube Video Engagement
Inquires Ratio
Facebook Video Views
Facebook Total Engagement
Positive Reactions

Following YouTube, LinkedIn proved to be the most interactive platform; which only made it natural for CIB to post all of its mini-episodes on the platform. In fact, the bank’s LinkedIn audience was equally interactive with the teaser video that was released back in November.

CIB Business Banking: A Catalyst for SMEs Success

CIB Business Banking was created with one mission in mind – to make it easier for SMEs to access banking services. The bank provides a range of solutions designed specifically for small and medium businesses, by offering innovative financial and non-financial solutions including tailored lending facilities.

CIB Business Banking also offers SMEs the CIB Business Solutions Program, a group of non-financial services at discounted prices, in partnership with key companies from different sectors, such as legal advisory, audit and accounting, marketing and research, recruitment, technology solutions, and logistics and shipment.

If you’re a business owner, you know how vexingly difficult it is to finance and sustain your business, especially in recent years; even more so if you’re in the SME spectrum. Whether it’s currency depreciation, inflation, or even liquidity issues, funding your business has become a major roadblock -if not the biggest- for scaling businesses.

Luckily, if you live in Egypt, CIB Egypt may have just changed that state of affairs. The Commercial International Bank is one of Egypt’s largest banks in the private sector since its establishment in 1975. And among its host of services, it facilitated SME funding for Egyptian businessmen through “CIB Business Banking“.

Furthermore, CIB’s extensive solutions for SMEs provide banking solutions for every business owner looking to finance their operations or invest in new opportunities.

So, let’s take a look at how their launch campaign was received, and what it implies for Egypt’s business scene . . .

Reinforcing Egypt’s SME Scene

By understanding the local economy better, CIB Egypt has created flexible solutions for ambitious small and medium business owners who want to take advantage of opportunities that may otherwise have been missed due to a lack of knowledge or resources.

Through this campaign launch, CIB cleverly and sufficiently fulfilled the demands and needs of every business owner.

What’s more, the bank’s “Business Banking” segment offers a host of unique financial and non-financial solutions that would substantially facilitate funding for local SMEs:

1. Lending Services

  • Super Business Loan: a short-term overdraft facility for investment needs with suppliers, overheads, salaries, taxes, customs, etc.
  • Women in Business Loan: a tailored lending program offered to women-owned businesses to support female entrepreneurs, the first of its kind in Egypt.
  • Growth Loan:  a convenient and quick loan for expansion plans or capital infusion to pay salaries, taxes, customs, and cover regular expenses.
  • Relationship-based Finance: a comprehensive lending program for SMEs through a team of dedicated credit relationship managers who understand the dynamics of your industry and are on top of current market conditions.

2. Accounts & Deposits

  • Super Business Account: an account to monitor your finances, and receive tailored care from highly trained relationship managers through fully-fledged digital banking services.
  • Current Account: a convenient way to manage your business’s expenses through issuing cheques, CIB’s digital portal, issuing a debit card, and much more.
  • Bedaya Account: A business account that aims to facilitate business finance management for rising and established enterprises with no minimum requirements and a simplified opening process.
  • Time & Certificate Deposits:  A variety of short, medium, and long-term investments to preserve your business funds and reward you with exclusive interest rates to further finance your business.

3. Merchant Services

  • Merchant Bundle: A bundle that is designed to provide the solutions the companies need to run their business smoothly, with minuscule transaction fees, and much more to support commerce businesses perform transactions.
  • Payment Acceptance Solutions: a set of numerous, convenient, and user-friendly payment methods to help commerce businesses achieve sales growth.

4. Products & Services

  • Cash Management: a set of financial products catering to every business’s needs including custody services, and credit services to manage its cash flow.
  • Cards: an array of issuable cards from CIB to secure transactions, and separate personal and business expenses, and providing a unique experience by availing the equal installment plans on CIB Business credit cards to be the 1st bank in the market to provide such service to the SMEs clients, among other uses.

If we were to extract a synopsis from this information, it’s this: CIB has substantially made financing and maintaining your SME easier than ever. And given the timing of its launch, aspiring business owners could take on new challenges in 2023 with more confidence than they had on their own.

CIB Business Banking is at the forefront of supporting Egypt’s SME scene by providing tailored solutions for the Egyptian market.

Through their comprehensive range of products and services, they are helping small and medium business owners unlock their true potential both domestically and abroad. If you are a business owner looking for ways to get your business off the ground or expand its reach – look no further than CIB Business Banking!

You can head over here to know more about the services offered by CIB Business Banking.

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