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UNICEF Egypt Water for Life Campaign Breaking Expectations

Seven million Egyptians live in households without a direct water connection and 1.5 million rely on water from tanker trucks. This combination of poor water quality and inadequate sanitation services leads to the spread of water related diseases. According to a UNICEF study, acute diarrhoea accounts for 9.1% of the total deaths of children under-five years.

Who said sharing or liking on social media wouldn’t make a difference?

We strongly believe that online professional networks would change the way people do business and contribute for a better community.The ultimate dream for more than 7 million people in Egypt is to have clean accessible water to use and drink, a dream that UNICEF Egypt is trying to achieve. For the first time in Egypt, UNICEF started using click- funding in its campaign “Water for Life”.

Water for Life “Click Funding” by UNICEF Egypt concept was built on the power of Social Media sharing. Every view, like, comment, and share for the video published on UNICEF’s social media channels will be counted and translated into “points”. If the video achieves 1.5m points, the campaign’s sponsors will provide 1,000 households in Egypt with plumbing and clean water.

Water for Life Campaign get 118% in 3 days:

The Water for Life click funding initiative set objectives was planned to achieve 1.5M points in 3 weeks, But guess what? It hit the 1.5M points in just 3 days!

Water for Life Campaign goals achieve 118% according to
Water for Life Campaign goals achieved 118% according to

Now its UNICEF Egypt turn to provide access to safe drinking water for the families in Egypt as promised and to protect tens of thousands of children from  water borne diseases, and to improve their health and nutrition.

Water for Life campaign target is 1.5 million points to provide water access to 1,000 families. And here is how:

  • 1 view gives 1 point
  • 1 like or favorite gives 2 points
  • 1 share/retweet gives 3 points
  • 1 comment gives 5 points

الحملة اللي كنا متوقعين توصل لهدفها في 3 أسابيع وصلت لهدفها في 3 أيام! شكرًا لكل واحد ساهم بكليك! بمجهوداتكم فيه 1000 …

Posted by ‎UNICEF Egypt يونيسف مصر‎ on Sunday, February 21, 2016


UNICEF’s campaign is organised in collaboration with Rotary Club International, an international service organisation that mobilises resources for household water connections through its networks, in partnership with Holding Co. for Water & Wastewater (HCWW).

The  campaign’s video staring prominent actor Maged el-Kedwany and directed by multi-awarded filmmaker Amr Salama feature a harsh reality in the most noble way. The story of children who are unable to believe in magic until it can bring them clean water.

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