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#UberMeMate9: Huawei revolutionizes consumers’ experience with Rami Serry and Uber!

Being a step ahead in telecommunications fast-paced industry is challenging on both levels: creativity in product innovation and creativity in marketing activities. But when done right, it takes the brand to a whole elite position.

Huawei Mate9 is surely #AStepAhead, because of its latest collaboration with Uber and the Egyptian professional drifter Rami Serry. Delivering an exceptional experience to consumers.

Even if you don’t know the two-time Red bull car park drift winner Rami Serry, going on a joy ride in his own racing car, this is an unforgettable experience on its own, and the cherry on top is winning a brand new Huawei Mate 9!

Huawei gained great exposure, the stunt video was viewed 750K on their Facebook page, the 1M fan of Rami Serry’s page and on Uber page 212K times.

Exceptional #UberMeMate9 Experience:

The extraordinary newest Huawei phone captured the attention and created quite the buzz on social media. Huawei created the opportunity to not only go home with a new Mate 9 but for lucky Uber riders to experience the ride of their lives when they  request the Mate9 car on Uber App on the 7th of Feb.

Huawei Mate 9 Rami Serry and Uber
Rami Serry caught in Cairo streets by fans.

Uber announced that this is not the only reason for the buzz though but the opportunity to win is not limited to the lucky passengers, anyone who post a photo on Instagram of Rami Serry’s race car wandering Cairo throughout the day has a chance to win Mate 9 with the hashtag UberMeMate9!

The phone is inspired by power and speed, a revolutionary smartphone experience, who can deliver such speed and revolutionary user experience other than the Notorious drifting master, Rami Serry?!

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