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Uber TukTuk will be avilable in El Gouna this summer

Uber Cairo just announced UberTukTuk is Arriving El Gouna… According to Uber Cairo, this April and May, when you need a reliable ride to get you zipping around El Gouna, simply open your Uber app and your uberTukTuk will arrive within minutes.

With this launch, gone are the days when you had to flail your arms about on a street-corner or call your local hotline to send you a Tuk Tuk.

Uber TukTuk El Gouna

  • uberTukTuk will only be available in El Gouna during April and May, 2016
  • Pricing will follow the fare rules set out by El Gouna.
  • 10 EGP one rider, 15 EGP two riders, 20 EGP three riders
  • There is no booking fee or additional charge to riders.
  • A valid Uber account is needed to be able to book an uberTukTuk.
  • uberTukTuk is the only available option to use in El Gouna on the uber platform (i.e – uberX will not available there)
  • uberTukTuk is available anywhere in El Gouna and can only remain inside El Gouna.


You can simply take your ride and expect the same price as the El Gouna approved metered fare. That’s right, you can request a ride the Uber way and pay in either cash or credit at the end of your ride!

HOW Uber TukTuk WORKS?

uberTukTuk  further expands the universe of transport in El Gouna and will be available for the months of April and May. Users simply select the uberTukTuk option in-app and take a ride, it’s that simple.

El Gouna uberTukTuk

When it comes to getting around El Gouna, Tuk Tuks are a staple. We recognise the history and value of Tuk Tuks to the transportation landscape. For us, uberTukTuk is another way of using technology to offer more choice, making life simpler and keeping El Gouna moving.

Is it just Uber on April Fools’ Day?

As UberTukTuk arriving El Gouna announcement published on 31st of March, We are not quite sure if  UberTukTuk is just a PR and marketing stunt tricky campaign or a real add-on to the famous ride ordering app. We can neither confirm nor deny the presence of a real UberTukTuk!

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