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Truecaller Brings Live Caller ID and Spam Blocking Features to First Generation of Android Wearables

The world’s largest verified mobile phone community of more than 65 million becomes one of the first services featured with Android Wear™, letting users get caller information and avoid scam calls all with a simple glance at their wrist

Dubai, UAE, July, 2014 –Truecaller today announced Truecaller for Android Wear, a new app that brings Truecaller’s functionality to Android wearables. Truecaller is one of the first developers selected to bring an app to the Android Wear platform, where users can quickly get calls or contact information wherever and whenever they need it most without ever having to break from their normal activity. Now any user who has Truecaller installed on their Android phone will be able to have that same information seamlessly displayed on their Android wearable and be able to ID an incoming call or detect whether a call is from a known scammer.

Android Wear, Google’s platform for small, powerful wearable devices like watches, lets users get useful information at a glance, track their fitness goals and get straight answers to spoken questions. Within the Truecaller app, Android wearable users will not only be able to get valuable call information just by looking down at their watch, but they’ll also be able to swipe their watch to answer calls or dismiss calls, send texts, make calls or simply save caller contact info with just a quick tap.

Truecaller’s community of over 65 million users crowdsources contact information to protect each other from mobile fraud and scams, while helping users take the calls they actually want to take. Today, Truecaller helps users ID and block more than 5 million calls per day and more than 250,000 spam numbers are being added daily by community members.

“With Truecaller for Android Wear, users will be able to tell right away if the person calling you is an acquaintance, business or scammer, all with a simple glance at your wrist,” said Truecaller CEO and Co-Founder Alan Mamedi. “Now, whether you’re driving in your car, or on a treadmill at the gym, you can easily check who’s calling and dismiss calls without ever breaking a stride or having to pull your phone from your pocket. At Truecaller, we’re committed to pushing our innovation to as many different users and platforms as possible. We’re proud to be one of the first apps to launch on the new line of Android wearables that will help our users improve their lives and the value they get from interacting with their favorite platforms and devices.”

Truecaller with Android Wear integration will be available for free on Google Play. Users won’t need to take any extra steps to get the app working on their Android wearable. The app will be automatically installed on a paired Android wearable device if they have the Truecaller app open on their Android phone.

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