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Tonino Lamborghini launch “Italian Job Casting”

Bologna, 10/15/2012. Starts today the “Italian Job Casting”. Winking at a famous movie, with a vintage and chic touch, the new brand challenge to became the first Tonino Lamborghini testimonial for the 2013 international web brand campaign it is played in the 2.0 playground.
The candidate, who will be chosen through a digital selection called “Italian job casting”, will have the honor (and the burden as well) to represent the brand values of the “raging bull” in a web ad composed by 5 episodes.
The ad will be shot in the Eternal City, Rome, where the winner will spend a weekend accompanied by a special “master of style” who will teach him the Italian way of life from different points of view (from the Italian breakfast to aperitif, from a shopping to a typical party in one of the trendiest places of the city).
Tonino Lamborghini Group, a “workshop of creative design’ with a style center led by Mr Lamborghini, is increasingly oriented towards a digital strategy with an international campaign that aims to emphasize the dual personality of the brand: the classic and timeless myth of the Italian style and the technological modernity expressed through design products combined with an innovative and original communication.
To participate to the Italian Job Casting is easy: just uploading on the mini-site one or more self-pictures representing the personal interpretation of the “Italian style”. And those who believe that style is not only appearance will also have the chance to describe it with one or more tweets, using the #italianjobcasting hashtag.
Realized in collaboration with the digital company Nimai, the “Italian Job Casting” will be promoted in the most important international social networks, but the final choice will be totally independent from the typical 2.0 web paradigms.

The Italian Job Casting is not a matter of likes, shares or comments… it’s a matter of Italian style!
About Tonino Lamborghini
The Tonino Lamborghini Group was founded in 1981 by Mr. Tonino Lamborghini in Italy and today its Headquarters are in the beautiful ‘Palazzo del Vignola’, a renaissance villa of the 15th century nearby Bologna.
In 1981 Tonino Lamborghini designed and branded his first watch. Reinterpreting the historic values and symbols which characterized his family, Tonino Lamborghini created a new prestigious brand.
Drawing inspiration from his previous professional experiences in the fields of engineering and design, he extends the concept of luxury to products capable of evoking a world based on technology and innovation. Watches, eyewear, mobile phones, perfumes, apparel lines, furnishings, sports accessories, Italian delicacies, branded hotels and restaurants: a coordinated universe of style which expresses ‘Puro Talento Italiano’.
The creative spirit, the passion for the design and for the technology are the values that Tonino Lamborghini transformed into a personal style, which has since become synonymous with originality and luxury, appreciated worldwide for that typical Italian spirit capable of making every item unique.
Passionate, inventive, elegant: Tonino Lamborghini incarnates the power of the ‘Made in Italy’ style worldwide.
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