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Why TODO should win the Oscars for best Social Media Content Strategy in Egypt?

When was the last time did you review your Social Media Content Strategy? You think you are engaging your audience on social media and delivering relevant, entertaining content?

All this while maintaining your brand voice? Well, we don’t know about you but we know for sure that TODO is doing a great job creating consistent flow of content that is engaging, entertaining yet articulating with the brand creative theme.

TODO mastered how to create unique content that we can call it… TODO flavor!

Entertain and engage!

TODO is one of the brands under the Egyptian giant Edita Food Industries umbrella. One of the leading FMCG companies in Egypt and the Middle East.

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TODO is not only providing premium tasty cakes, their Facebook page lives up to its positioned place as “the sweet experience that keeps me going.”

It is certainly a sweet experience strolling through their social media. With so much nonsense and brands’ intrusive content, TODO is one of the few business pages where you will find yourself checking constantly. And they’re most certainly keeping us coming back for more.

TODO’s post likes ranges from 15,000 to 35,000 and reaches 75K likes. Their fast newsjacking content creation is simply brilliant. They create relevant content without straying from their brand’s voice. It flows naturally.

Creative and bold execution:

Ever since the AFCON matches and TODO has set the bar high. For them to maintain then surpass and for other brands to keep up!

Many brands jump on the bandwagon, but TODO does it smartly, engaging and hooking the 2.4 million followers.
The copies used are witty, bold and relevant!

The audience is captivated and prompted to engage with the brand and of course share the hilarity as to entertain their peers as well.

Boldness, calculated risk is backed-up with strong audience insight. If you don’t believe us, who do you think they were indirectly mentioning?


Social Media Content Strategy: Almost real-time action to what is circulating and viral on social media is another aspect of what sets them apart.


TODO creative team did not only newsjack what is happening in Egypt, but they paid attention to what is happening internationally.


TODO is always keeping us on our toes!


Even though TODO’s content is created so fast, it has a direct connection with the brand. Doesn’t seem to have been done hastily.


And even the Oscars, TODO did not pass the opportunity to be involved in the biggest mishap ever occurred in the history of the Oscars. Turns out they were the culprits behind it.


Going back to their adverts, it makes sense. TODOs are quite the misfits bunch, they tend to cause fracas wherever they go and we love them for it.

Lessons learned from TODO’s social media strategy:

– Listen to your audience and they will guide you to the most engaging content. Avoid creating content for the sake of content.
– Think before jumping the bandwagon. Any brand can create content to get involved in the current events, but what can your add? How will your brand be different?
– Embrace what your brand stands for. Stick to your brand’s voice.
– The brand’s voice does not change, consistency and even the brand’s moderators are witty and definitely creative with their replies.

Share with us if you agree TODO should have won the Oscars for best Social Media Content Strategy in Egypt?

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