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This one tweet brings back hope for humanity in business

Every year the people around Middle East gather together to spread love and charity during the holy month of Ramadan, and brands create special deals and prepare massive campaigns for the occasion. To most of the average population, it would seem that the businesses are only in it to produce media coverage and get some attention from the literally starved public.

Reaching out to the public can be a difficult task for marketers, and a very critical for your PR team if you don’t tread carefully. Companies in Saudi Arabia reminded us and the public that small charitable deeds and actions can still be a strong method for gaining public awareness and positive buzz.

Faith in humanity, and corporate, is restored

5 days ago, twitter user “Mr_Abdul3ziz” tweeted to large Saudi Arabian food franchise, Shawarmer. In his tweet, and Shawrmer’s answer, he demonstrated how a small action from a company can produce big results.

Mr_Abdul3ziz’s tweet to the company had him asking how many retweets would it take for the franchise to give 100 free sandwiches to street workers.

The reply was simple and effective, none. The franchise replied with a strong message, it would not need any retweets because it would give the sandwiches simply because it was for charity.

And the snow ball just started…

Within a short amount of time, other large franchises in the country jumped on the opportunity and announced they would also give free food for charity.

Companies that were not in the food industry, such as car service giant Careem who announced they would provide cars for the charitable event, joined in to provide other services and items according to their industry.

Tania Water, a bottled water provider in the SA, announced that they would provide as much bottled water as needed; a media agency offered to provide media coverage for the campaign for free as well.

A little bit of heart goes a long way

What companies then forgot was that it wasn’t a pre-coordinated stunt or charitable organization behind the entire thing. It was a single man who wanted to see what would happen if he just asked, and a company who answered with heart and brains.

Expectations of business are shifting. Business should develop real social values that could reinstate society’s trust in brands.

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