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The true story of what happened in Bella Vista Resort Hurghada, Egypt

In 24 hours we have heard many stories of what has happened. Shocking rumors and misleading headlines from the media all over the world. Do you want to know the true story of what has happened?

You might have heard about ‘ISIS fighters waving black flags’ attacking tourists in Hurghada, Egypt where tourists wounded after gunmen open fire at hotel in Bella Vista Resort!

It was a good event for media to recall the sad event happened last October when Metrojet Flight 9268, operated by Russian airline Kogalymavia, disintegrated above the northern Sinai in Egypt after flying from Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport to Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Hurghada accident connected to ISIS?

The incident happened at the Bella Vista Resort in the city of Hurghada. The two attackers wounded two Austrian tourists and a Swedish tourist at the four-star beachside Bella Vista Hotel in the Red Sea resort city, according to Egypt’s Interior Ministry.
British tourist posted an eyewitness testimony to clear it and deny any ISIS involvement with Hurghada accident:

Anybody hearing on the TV that an attack has taken place where I am in Egypt, be assured I am fine. It was 3 men arguing…

Posted by Peter Kwapisz on Friday, January 8, 2016


What Exactly Happened?

The Security Information Center of Egypt’s Ministry of Interior said in a statement that two Austrians and a Swede had been injured while the attackers were trying to escape the scene on Friday.

Some reports suggested that they opened fire outside the hotel, but the Egyptian interior ministry said they lashed out with knives after reaching an outdoor restaurant.

The attacker who was killed was identified as 21-year-old Mohammed Hassan Mohammed Mahfouz, a student from the Cairo neighbourhood of Giza.

A member of hotel staff, reportedly speaking anonymously, said he had dragged a female tourist in the lobby while holding a knife to her neck when he was shot by a police officer.

The scene outside the Bella Vista hotel in the Red Sea resort of Hurghada Photo: EPA
The scene outside the Bella Vista hotel in the Red Sea resort of Hurghada Photo: EPA

According to Bella Vista Resort Hurghada official statement, Here the true story of what happened in Bella Vista Resort Hurghada

The whole situation didn’t take more than 4 minutes exactly ….
Two drugged young men attacked one of our hotel restaurants (Out of the hotel territory) with fake gun (Plastic) and small knives, One of the attackers used his knife trying to stab some of our guests (3 already injured), and then, our security and the hotel police man dealt immediately within seconds with the 2 attackers and shot them down, one was killed by police and the other was injured and captured.

The 3 guests are ok now, one had left the hospital yesterday within 2 hours after the attack and the other 2 left the hospital this morning.
Any other rumors or news more than the above is nonsense and crap.
Most probably is to make propaganda that will affect the tourism in Egypt badly, and that was the main aim.
God bless Egypt

The Officials Statement:
2 unidentified suspects infiltrated and entered into (Bella Vista hotel) in Hurghada across the restaurant overlooking the street. The suspects threatened the hotel guests using a cold steel.

Police forces in charge of securing the hotel immediately responded to the suspects while they were trying to escape. A suspect was and killed and the other was badly injured. They were holding a blank gun and cold steel. Unfortunately three tourists (a Swedish and 2 Austrians) injured while the preparatory were trying to escape. They were transported and the Nile hospital for treatment and one of them left after treatment.

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Here some of the social media posts from tourists relevant to Hurghada accident:

Screencapture from Bella Vista Resort Facebook
Screencapture from Bella Vista Resort Facebook

To know the truth, one must face it without the filter of one’s beliefs or dogmas!

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