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The Sterilized Brand of The Decade Award Goes to: Fine Tissues

Fine Hygienic Holding is considered to be one of the biggest and well-known wellness groups that manufactures hygienic paper products. The company was rewarded this year one of the most important awards which is “Sterilized Brand of The Decade Award” by The Family Hygiene Institute.

The Family Hygiene Institute is running under The Medical Wellness Association which is globally known by having the best doctors and wellness professionals whose message is to raise awareness and promote global hygiene practices for families that were proven to be effective.

Fine as The Only Company to Create Sterilized Tissue

If you are wondering why Fine was rewarded as Sterilized Brand of The Decade, then we will give you an answer. Fine uses a unique sterilization technology in their process to help creating the only sterilized tissues.

The company owns the SteriPro technology which ensures that the environment of the product is completely sterile and safe; it is guaranteed that the consumer’s hand is the first hand to touch it to reduce the risk of any disease or viruses spreading.

Their technology uses ultraviolet light which comes in the shape of waves that is actually able kill viruses, bacteria and any other micro-organisms to eventually produce an efficient product that serves their purpose of having sterilized tissues.

Fine’s Reaction on Winning

James Michael Lafferty, The CEO of Fine Hygiene Holding made a comment on the company winning the award, he said the following “It’s an incredible honor for FHH to be selected from among the leading hygienic products across the globe. Fine has always been a visionary group, from the beginning we have sought to continuously stay ahead of the curve through innovation, improvement and the desire to create superior products that provide not only good value to consumers, but also improve their lives.

“Health and wellness are woven into the fabric of who we are at Fine; we believe that if you don’t have your health you don’t have anything. For the last decade we have employed our sterilization process, producing a sterilized tissue that provides customers with a reliable first line of defense against germs, bacteria and viruses, which is more important than ever as the world struggles with the Coronavirus outbreak.”

Fine and Coronavirus

Germs can easily move from a person to another through their mouth, nose and eyes therefore Fine has manufactured sterilized tissues for those three areas.

Since the spread of Coronavirus around East Asia, Western Europe, The US, and Australia, Fine uses a sterilization method in their process in manufacturing tissues that can fight the infection of a virus and can kill germs including the coronavirus; their sterilized products can limit the spread of sickness between people.

Fine is building a reputation to its consumers that they are ahead of the curve in delivering a trusted hygiene product. The company’s main purpose is delivering a high-quality sterilizing hygienic product and since hygiene is a key factor in stopping any kind of disease infection, the company is doing its best to always create products that are extremely sterilized to help preventing any viruses or illness spreading.

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