The Principles Behind SWVL Success According To The Unicorn Founder

Every company’s co-founder’s dream is to see their business expand and to become a success story that everyone tells. In order to achieve success and set an example for other companies, you have to have principles and rules to walk by.

The best example of a success story is set by SWVL; the tech company has announced major news on Wednesday that made it the talk of everyone especially entrepreneurs and co-founders. There are many factors that drove SWVL to this major success; some of these factors were shared by the company’s co-founder, Mostafa Kandil.

So, we’re about to tell you what SWVL has achieved and the principles its co-founders have set to achieve this huge success.


SWVL Becoming A Unicorn

SWVL describes itself as the first Middle Eastern unicorn company –as it achieved 1.5 billion dollars- to be listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange.

The company has announced on the 28th of July that it was combining with the U.S. special purpose acquisition company Queen’s Gambit Growth Capital in a merger that allowed SWVL to be listed on the exchange.



It’s worth mentioning that the company had moved its headquarters from Egypt to Dubai in late 2019; therefore, the vice president, Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum has tweeted congratulating Mostafa Kandil, the co-founder of SWVL for joining Nasdaq.

It was said that this merger will provide the company with 445 million dollars, which will be used to expand to 20 countries by 2025.


A Proof Kandil Is On The Right Track

Ever since SWVL was founded we have seen it always succeed and gaining more popularity.

The company has made transportation a lot easier for people to use, which led to huge popularity. We can frankly say that Kandil has put a specific plan and started working accordingly to put SWVL in the place where it is now.

Even though Swvl’s other co-founders Ahmed Sabbah and Mamdouh Noah had left, Kandil stayed and worked on his own to make SWVL the company we are seeing today.

In fact, the successful co-founder has stated that they all work at SWVL according to certain principles that drive them to success.


The SWVL principles for success

Swvl’s co-founder has shared before the principles by which he adopted when it comes to working at SWVL.

•You are a co-founder. Act like one.
• Customers are the end destination and the starting point.
• We only hire people better than us.
• If it’s not today, we wasted a day.
• We’re either hungry or food.
• Bold enough to fail. Wise enough to bounce.
• Speak one language, numbers.
• The lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.


How To Apply These Principles

Applying those principles won’t just make you achieve success for your company but also, will help you form a happy and motivated team.

Being a co-founder means that you share your vision and core values with the rest of your team so you both would work together to achieve this vision, it also means that you put your trust in them and let them express their opinions.

While having dreams and ambition is what drives you to success, you have to be logical and realistic, you have to be looking at the facts and study them to work accurately.

This is why Kandil mentioned in his principles that at SWVL, they hire people who are better than themselves and who can work together as a family! This means that they are always on the search for talented people who don’t take no for an answer, people who consider their company as a family, not just a place to work.

This makes them work hard and use their skills to enhance their performance to always lift up the company and move it to a better place in the market.


Take The Opportunity But Know That It’s Ok To Fail

Kandil emphasizes in his principles that if a person postponed their goal to tomorrow then they just wasted a day.

This means that business owners need to take the chance whenever it comes because postponing or hesitation means they are just wasting time.

Also, the common advice for any entrepreneur is that it is ok to fail; failure is a common thing in every business and in every career, the important thing is how you learned from this failure and how got back up on your feet again.

Not giving up is what drives you to success, no matter how many failures you face, it is important to always believe in your dream and work hard to make it come true.

As we mentioned SWVL has set an example for any startup that in a matter of 4 years and with the right principles and values, it can be one of the most successful stories.

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