The Other Side of Social Media Trends and How They Can Be Misused

Over this month we have been witnessing many trending topics, some of them are funny while others tackle very serious issues that we can never ignore! What we have always noticed about the idea of creating a trend is that it always has an ugly side!

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Just like social media, we agreed that it has two sides, one is very beneficial while the other one is dark and ugly. That doesn’t change the fact that some trending topics even though they might show some ugliness, are necessary as you will always benefit from them. They either spread awareness or correct some ideas and concepts.


How Social Media Trending Topic Can Start Controversy

You will never find something that all people agree on, there will always be some that will disagree and complain, except when it is something funny and not harmful, that’s when everyone doesn’t put too much thought into it!

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When it is a serious topic that tackles a real problem, you will always find controversy! You will always find people who disagree or who will try to bring out an issue with the matter that has been going viral.

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For example, we have witnessed the sexual assault topic going viral and became a trending topic that made everyone talk about it. The controversy that this topic had sparked is the disagreement and the victim-blaming that went around all over social media when it wasn’t the right time or place!

There was almost no room for controversy as this topic was and still is vital.

Trending topics don’t just spark controversy, they also can be misused in so many ways.


Social Media Trends Can Be Misused

A trend can be misused when people start to use it in the wrong direction and when it doesn’t serve its purpose anymore! In other words, if there is a topic that raises awareness regarding any vital issues we are facing and people start using it in the wrong way even if they are creating memes out of it or making fun of it or people’s opinions then it is being misused.

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This happens but only to topics that have a goal and purpose to serve the community and to fix its standards!


A Trending Topic Can Raise Awareness and Sparks Other Trends

Even Though there are some ugly sides to trends, they won’t disregard the importance and the awareness that one trend can do!

Take bullying, for example, when this topic was trending, it helped spread awareness regarding how someone would feel when they are being made fun of!

This topic sparked many other topics that tackled mental health issues and how bullying affects a person and even types of bullying that we are exposed to daily!

The sexual assault topic also sparked many other topics that helped everyone recognize the mentality of some people, helped women to speak up, and raised awareness regarding any kind of assault that anyone could face!


Everything that is exposed to social media will always have a dark side since people will always have a different say about it, what matters is that one single topic can help save many lives and can do a major change.

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