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The New Game-Changer: B.TECH Presents “Deel” To Digitalize The B2B Sector

We can frankly say that right now we are living in an era where everything is becoming digital. In fact, the digital transformation we are witnessing has been facilitating every aspect of our life, whether you’re a consumer or a seller. 

To keep up with the current digital revolution, Egypt’s leading consumer electronics retailer B.TECH provided one of the best tech solutions. 

B.TECH has launched a new retail omnichannel that will facilitate and make a difference in the B2B sector and we have all the details.


B.TECH Presents The Greatest “Deel”

As almost all of the e-commerce platforms have been providing digital solutions to consumers, B.TECH decided to serve the local retailers. 

To be aligned with Egypt’s digital transformation strategy, today, B.TECH announced the launch of its new omnichannel platform under the name “Deel”. The purpose of the new platform is to help and serve local merchants and fill in the gap in the B2B sector. 

Dr. Mahmoud Khattab, CEO of B.TECH has commented on the following:

“We have proudly been serving the traditional retail sector in Egypt for the past 25 years. With the launch of “Deel”, we deploy our deep-rooted knowledge of the electronics market, strong supplier relationships, and our forward-thinking to contribute to the digitalization of the retail sector.”


Digitalizing The Retail Operating System

B.TECH has been serving the local retail market for more than 25 years and became a World-class full-fledged e-commerce platform. So, now is the right time to provide more digital solutions to sectors that desperately need them. 

“Deel” aims to empower local retailers and help them grow by providing a variety of services that ensure efficiency and transparency. 

The services provided by the new platform include inventory management, B2B and B2C marketplace listing, marketing solutions, doorstep delivery, store designs, and training courses through B.TECH Academy. In addition to analytical tools and a logistics marketplace through Aramex, Sprint, and Movex. 

To guarantee a perfect result, the leading platform has teamed up with some of the market’s gigantic brands like Samsung, Fresh, LG, Xiaomi, LG, and more to provide their products via the platform.


“Deel” Can Make A Revolution In The B2B Sector

The new platform is the result of the deep conducted research and one-on-one meetings with more than 200 buyers. 

This research enabled B.TECH to understand and get true insights into the challenges and obstacles that face every buyer and therefore created a customer-centric application that answers to their needs. “Deel” can also provide more opportunities to small and medium businesses to help them grow and thrive in the B2B sector. 


What “Deel” Offers

The platform serves over 5,000 retailers in 27 governorates through 48 delivery stores and warehouses and through pickup services and a weekly replenishment cycle.
“Deel” also offers more than 100,000 SKUs at wholesale pricing from more than 50 companies including Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, Fresh, Kiriazi, and Beko. 

The application also introduces a wide variety of e-payment solutions including credit payment terms, online payment methods, microfinance facilities, inventory finance, flexible payment terms up to 90 days, and BNPL services.


We can expect a very bright future for “Deel” and we expect it can do a major transformation in the B2B sector very soon. 

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