Ad recall: Memorable Advertising Jingles That Live In Our Heads Rent-Free

There are many factors that make an advert live for a long time, these factors include creativity, nostalgia, and jingles. Over the years adverts had depended on jingles when it comes to promoting a product or a service.

If you’re wondering why adverts sometimes depend on jingles, we will tell you. Jingles and music can easily grab attention, and also easy to memorize. So, if a jingle is catchy, the viewers will find themselves spontaneously singing it.

So, since our topic today revolves around jingles, we will list some adverts’ jingles that live in our heads rent-free; you might have stopped singing them but you definitely remember them.


1- Bank Misr

Bank Misr has been releasing adverts that have the best jingles and frankly, they always gain people’s admiration.

3 years in a row, the bank has been producing jingles/songs that people fall in love with immediately! In fact, these 3 songs made the bank even more popular and it made the adverts reach more than its target audience. The bank’s main target audience is usually elders or young adults who own enough money to open an account.

But with these jingles and adverts, the bank reached the youth, those of young age know about the bank because of its songs.





2- Vodafone

It’s known that Vodafone has killer adverts, and always launches the best campaigns.

Vodafone also is known to launch the best jingles, and over the years, we have been listening to its jingles and keep singing them. The telecom company is actually really smart when it comes to releasing adverts with jingles; it picks the most popular genre and then uses it to promote its services.

Currently, the company depends on rap and sometimes Mahraganat when it comes to releasing adverts with jingles. Back then, the company depended on “Maharaganat” and underground music.

We will remind you of two jingles that were huge back then and lived in each individual’s mind.




3- Orange

Another telecom company that depends on jingles to promote its services and this one was as huge as any other jingle.

This advert was released in Ramadan and it was one of the most popular adverts that featured a jingle. Having too many celebrities in an advert and making them sing is always a huge plus to any advert.



4- Magdy Yacoub

Magdy Yacoub’s foundation has also depended on jingles when it comes to promoting the foundation and asking for donations.

The foundation launches many campaigns that cause a huge buzz, but these certain jingles gained huge popularity when the adverts were released.



5- Pepsi and Chipsy

These two brands always release the best adverts when they collaborate and when they do, we know a great jingle is on its way.

In Ramadan 2014, both brands have collaborated and launched one of the best adverts and jingles.


And when it was the African Cup time, they also released one of the best adverts and Rap jingle.



6- 500 500 Hospital

500 500 Hospital has also been releasing adverts’ jingles to encourage people to donate, and its jingles are always emotional and reach our hearts.

The hospital once released an advert, which was a collaboration with the great singer Sherin that celebrated the life of the iconic Ahmed Zaki. It was one of the best adverts and jingles and people were fond of it.


Also, the hospital collaborated with many celebrities and released another advert with a jingle sung by the singer Mohamed Hamaki that caused a huge buzz.


Tell us which one of these is your favorite and if you have another one that wasn’t listed. 

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