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The Journey Of Drug Abuse Summed Up In 35 Seconds Advert

Powerful adverts leave a huge mark in the community; almost all people are always attracted to adverts that send a message and that raise awareness. Also, this type of adverts usually goes viral in a really short time.

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Over the years, we have been seeing many campaigns raising awareness towards drug addiction and they all grabbed the viewers’ attention and went extremely viral. Since we have been keeping an eye on Ramadan’s adverts, we couldn’t miss this powerful one about drug abuse.

This powerful campaign was launched by the organization of Addiction Treatment and Abuse Fund.


You’re Stronger Than Drugs

Yesterday we have witnessed the launch of one of the most powerful adverts this Ramadan if it’s not the only powerful one.

The organization of Addiction Treatment and Abuse Fund has released its campaign only 10 days before Ramadan ends, and we have to say, it made a huge buzz in only a few hours.

The campaign as usual is under the name of ‘You’re Stronger than Drugs’. We have seen many campaigns from the organization that were really creative. It collaborated with the legendary Mohamed Salah and military lieutenant Ahmed Abdulatif.

Even though the previous campaigns were creative, this one tops them all.


The Creative Idea

The first copy of the advert starts with a guy who’s enjoying his roller coaster ride; during the ride, we can see how his face changes from a healthy young man to an addict and on the verge of death.

The advert compared the adrenalin rush from the roller coaster to the one caused by drugs; both give a person a journey of ecstasy but they don’t have the same ending. This is one of the most accurate ways to describe the feeling of having drugs, an adrenalin rush mixed with excitement and happiness.


The roller coaster ride also resamples the abuser’s life when he’s an addict, right from the beginning of an addiction to how he faces a horrible fate.


Raising Awareness Always Wins

You can barely see an advert that raises awareness regarding a vital topic that raises controversy. In fact, this type of adverts is usually loved and supported by the majority of people.

Any type of brand or organization has to have a role in the community not just by on-ground activities but also by campaigns. They have to target all the audiences everywhere and this advert has served this purpose.

In fact, if the brand started launching campaigns that can help the community improve and become better, we might witness a huge change in society with its people.


Big Numbers on Facebook

The advert was released almost a day ago and it received a huge number of views.

You can find the advert on both YouTube and Facebook on the organization’s official page. On YouTube, the advert only has over 1000 views but on Facebook, it’s completely different. The advert has over one million views on Facebook, over 7K likes, 715 shares, and over 500 comments; we expect these numbers to grow even more in the upcoming days.


Share with us your opinion about the advert and if you liked it.

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