The Great Shift: Consumer Habits To Permanently Change After 2020

It is undeniable the major change that happened to the whole world due to the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic. Everything has shifted in a way that we never expected.

Many business fields were affected and witnessed a major change that no one saw coming; no one in a million years thought that concerts and events can be held online or those big companies and famous entrepreneurs to work from home.

This is a huge turn of events but we can’t help but wonder, what are the things that could stay the same after this pandemic is over or at least won’t be back to its normal process and would adapt to the change that had happened.

Purchasing Whatever You Want Couldn’t Get Any Easier

E-commerce websites have been here for a long time now but some people were not used to it and preferred to buy everything by shopping, but this also changed in a matter of days!

Since the pandemic had caused everyone to stay home in fear of any contagion, people started to resort to e-commerce websites to buy their needs. This situation made a great opportunity for business owners to build an e-commerce website and shift their business to become online so they can keep their business going.

So, after the pandemic we bet there will be even more e-commerce websites for any product you might need; this one is definitely here to stay and grow even bigger.

Would You Rather Work From Home or The Office?

This one came as a surprise for all of us as some places figured a way for their employees to work from home and that the idea was suddenly possible!

There was a meme on Facebook that spread when people started to work from home says, “I guess now we can find out which meeting could’ve been an email after all”

We believe and hope at the same time that companies can allow flexibility to their employees; in other words, companies might make some changes in the work process. Since working from home is possible, then we might see some companies specify certain days to work from the office and other days to work from home.

It’s not a bad idea actually.

Can We Now Attend Concerts by International Stars?

The idea of an online concert is a brilliant one! Who thought that you could see Lady Gaga and many other icons in a concert right from your home?

This happened when Global Citizen arranged One World: Together At Home online concert.

This idea can stay after the pandemic, many artists can hold online concerts for their fans around the world and it will probably be a huge success.

Would We Still Have Online Events?

Before the pandemic, people used to attend many events and conferences, but with the newly enforced situation, everything became virtual.

Who thought that major events could be done virtually?

Over the past months, we have witnessed the launch of many online events and conferences that you can attend while you are in your pajamas in bed! We never thought this could happen. But can online events remain after the pandemic is over?

We can’t see a problem with it, if it happened during the pandemic and achieved huge success why can’t some events be held virtually for everyone who wants to attend.

This will make it easier for people who live in different places to attend the events they want.

Our New Habits and Routines Are Here To Stay

Ever since we stayed home, we started to appreciate family time more and we adopted new habits like reading or cooking, these new habits will definitely stay.

This change is probably the best of them all. Many people stated that now they have more time to spend with their family and to do something they love.

So, we’re pretty sure that people would fight a lot to keep this change as it is.


In conclusion, as bad as the current situation is, it made us realize that we took many things for granted and it taught us that anything especially regarding business is possible; it is a huge lesson that the whole world has learned and still learning.

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