The Evolution Of Microsoft Word Logo: From 1983 To The Present Day

As we have discussed previously that all of the brands’ logos we now know went through a huge evolution journey to be the logos we have now. One of the logos that has undergone a huge transformation is Microsoft Word.

There’s not a single person in this world who didn’t use this program and if you’re old enough, you might even recognize some of these old logos and witnessed how they changed over the years.

So, today we will take you on the journey of the Microsoft Word logo transformation.

Put your seatbelt on as we are going back to the 80s.


Microsoft Word: The Beginning 1983 – 1987

The very first version of the Microsoft Word logo was created by the programmer Richard Brodie in 1983 and ever since then it has been updated every 2 to 3 years with a new version.

The first logo didn’t have much in it, it included the name of Microsoft word written on a black template in white capital letters.

The letter O in the middle took the form of concentric circles and the name is underlined by a thin white stripe with the slogan “Word Processing Program” written underneath.

1987 To 1991

In 1987, a new improved version of Microsoft Word was presented Word 3.0 then Word 3.01, a new logo was created.

The new logo included a sheet of paper with printed small font tests and above it two small sheets with the letter W in yellow that had a 3D effect.

1991 To 1993

In 1991 the logo underwent a small change in colors as the letter W’s color was changed into azure so is the letter W that’s written on the two small sheets.

Playing With The Elements: 1993 to 1995

The logo in 1993 was completely changed as it became the letter W in azure color and underneath it, a sheet depicted horizontally with a wave.

1995 to 1999

Another major change to the logo of Microsoft Word to represent the 7.0 version, which appeared in the office 95 suite.

The sheet was put at an angle and the large letter W was placed on the top left.

 A Complete New Logo: From 1999 to 2003 to 2007

The logo was completely transformed in 1999 and became more modern.

The change was in color and design; the logo’s color was blue and it included a blue frame defining a white square with the letter W written in it in the same blue color.

In 2003, the logo remained the same the plain blue color was replaced with a tinted stretch from blue.

2007 to 2010 to 2013

Another transformation with a touch from the past. The logo included the white sheet again with text and the letter W on it and in the background, it had a blue square with a rounded corner.

In 2010 the logo had a slight change as it included the white sheet with the letter W inside the blue square.

2013 to 2019

In 2013, the logo took another different shape; it became softer and more simple. The logo took the form of an open blue book with text written on it and the letter W was on the cover.

From 2019 to The Present Day

Another change was made and it lasted til today. The logo consists of a rectangle that included 4 wide stripes of different shades of the color blue and in front of it on the left small blue square with the letter W written in white.


It is such a long journey for the Microsoft Word logo and we can’t help but wonder if the logo will ever change again. Which one of these logos did you like the most?

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