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The Pharaohs overheats Chelsea Facebook fan page for Mohamed Salah

The Egyptian talent Mohamed Salah joined Chelsea on 26 January 2014 and he took the number 15 shirt. The Egypt winger, who joined from Swiss side FC Basle last month got his impact on Social Media specifically for Chelsea Facebook fan page in 10 days 207 thousand Egyptians like Chelsea FC’s page.

Egyptians  sense of humour

Unlike most of our forwards, Salah likes to sprint into space behind defences.Egyptians are football lovers and while Egypt’s soccer fans return to stadiums famous for the Egyptian league kick-off, their cheerfulness and their high sense of humour was the way supporting The Arabic comments become very remarkable with a massive jokes including calls for José Mourinho [The Portuguese football coach, , who is the current manager of Chelsea] to bring Salah into the game.

Salah enjoyed a bright start at Chelsea (Picture: Getty)
Salah enjoyed a bright start at Chelsea (Picture: Getty)

Chelsea gaining more fans from Egypt

Mourinho was able to introduce Egypt international Mohammed Salah, at £15m the latest player to embody the largesse of Roman Abramovich, for the last 12 minutes in today’s match against Newcastle.

With more than 22K likes and 1.7 comments cheering for Salah, It seems it was expected to got this massive feedback !

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