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The Digital Hype Behind The New Garnier Masks [Case Study]

Ever since people started quarantining due to the current situation of the coronavirus, many brands have been launching online campaigns to keep people entertained while being at home, but few has managed to break through the clutter to offer engaging solutions for web Citizens.

For Garnier it was totally different, they disrupt social media with their new launched product Tissue Masks: an innovative skincare product for the first time in Egypt which makes it not only a new product launch but a completely new category launch in the Egyptian Beauty market. And they brought it to life with a one of a kind advocacy campaign.

The Garnier Masks campaign has successfully achieved skyrocketing results on digital media that got our attention alongside hundreds who have been talking and posting about the campaign and the product including consumers, Instagram Influencers, and even Mega celebrities.

Think Marketing was keen to know more about what is Garnier campaign all about

The Right Mask at the Right Time

Quarantine is perfect time to skincare routines contributing to break the boredom .Since the new masks by Garnier are an at home mask, they launched at the perfect time .The Garnier Tissue Mask is a 15 minutes home mask which gives an instant effect depending on its purpose.

Garnier launched five different variants reflecting the natural essence of the brand and the main ingredients of the masks vary between Pomegranate, Charcoal and Green Tea tackling different effects for the skin like extreme hydration, detox and purification.

We thought they will be pricey especially that they are officially the #1 masks in Europe but we were surprised to know that they are absolutely affordable at a 33 EGP price point only and available with discounts on Souq, Jumia and Noon.

The Garnier Masks Campaign

Smartly, Garnier launched a campaign with the hashtag #YourNewFavoriteMask hinting to the heavy use for the medical masks nowadays but this new mask will be a mask you will like.


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Then they created a 7 days challenge with the hashtag #Garnier_Together and invited the consumers to participate in the challenge since challenges has been a hot topic lately.

The Garnier Together: 7 Days Challenge

The Garnier together challenge aimed to entertain people at home and to break the boredom of the quarantine while trying the new Garnier Masks.

These 7 challenges were not all revolving around the product, some invited people to tag their friends and tell them something positive. Other challenges included the Masks and invited people to try it for 15 minutes while doing their favorite hobby, while others urged people to stay connected with their friends through trying the tissue mask for 15 minutes with them virtually and share it on their Instagram.



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And for one of the challenges they collaborated with the Yogi Diala JamalelDin for a relaxing 15 minutes of Yoga session Live on Garnier’s Instagram page while wearing the new Garnier Mask of course. (@GarnierEgypt)

How Garnier got 1000+ stories in 10 days?

We can spot a strong advocacy campaign started by sending a cool wooden box to many influencers with the 5 variants of the Garnier Masks alongside their hero product Micellar water and other Garnier products creating a “Spa at Home” kit.

Garnier Brand Ambassador Hend Sabry shared her chic box, followed by many of the mega beautiful celebrities like Dorra, Mai Selim and Engy Wegdan.  And Influencers like Salma Abudeif, Hend Reda, Rana Arafa and Yara Naoum and also to top makeup artists like Fatma Bahgat, Dina Ragheb, Zeina ElNaggar, Riham Khalifa and many more.

Stories in 10 days
Followers Growth
Social Reach
Organic Growth

What was the surprise in this campaign “Mr. Da Begad” Marwan Younes who received a box including a much customized card, his reaction was hilarious quoting him “smart marketing move”

The campaign grabbed a lot of people’s attention to try the challenges. The product received high engagement & positive reviews from the consumers and creating a high demand leading Tissue mask to become one of the top sellers on top E-commerce platforms.

The Magic Formula Behind the Garnier Masks Viral Campaign Success

We detected the strategy used by Garnier marketing team that mainly focused on 3 pillars: inform, entertain and educate.

Nothing that is happening to your brand is a coincidence. If you want to create a successful viral campaign you simply have to plan it.

We were intrigued to know more about the tactical secrets behind the campaign so we contacted the Garnier marketing team and asked them about the main message they wanted to deliver to the consumer, The reply of Ramiz Mohy ; the Garnier Brand Manager was

We wanted our consumers to feel pampered and entertained at these difficult times, that’s why we created a challenge that is fun and pampering at the same time, as marketing today is about creating a whole experience for the consumer instead of just pushing some products

And when we asked about the reason behind the viral boom of the campaign Ramiz Continued:
Relevancy and attention to details, from the box that reflects the natural essence of Garnier to the customized handwritten cards, to the light fun challenge allowing everyone to be a part of it and enjoy the New Garnier Masks

We love seeing brands doing relevant marketing campaigns that can go viral organically, and we enjoyed this artful Trend-jacking “Garnier Masks” campaign.

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