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The Dark Side of Social Media in Time of COVID-19

We have always been living a life where every angle of it depends on social media, starting from the normal personal life to the social and even business one. During the past few months, everything turned upside down and revolved around social media and we got more involved in the digital world due to the Coronavirus pandemic that invaded every inch of the world.

Even since then social media and internet usage increased and became more essential since people around the globe got nothing to do but being online on many social media platforms.

Even though social media is essential and we can’t go a day without it, there are times where it can cause us huge harm especially during this current period.


The Role of Social Media in the Time of Pandemic

We can’t deny the huge role that social media had ever since the pandemic started its invasion! For people, social media was similar to a sanctuary, the place that everyone ran to, to avoid the ugly truth, and the current stressful events.

People used their quarantine time and spent it on social media creating content, either videos, memes, or even spreading positive vibes to support people


How Social Media Served Businesses During COVID-19 Outbreak?

Social media was a place for businesses and brands since it was used to spread awareness and information about COVID-19. Many initiatives and campaigns started on social media to support those who were affected by recent circumstances.

Also, we noticed that many companies found a way to keep their business going through social media and how some of them supported the fight against COVID-19.

If you thought about it, we wouldn’t have known everything about this pandemic if it wasn’t for social media.


The Dark Side of Social Media During COVID-19

Even though it is clear that social media played an important role during this time, it still has a dark side that has been affecting everyone negatively.

As much as social media is considered to be a relief of all the stress, it is still causing stress and anxiety to people due to all the negative news and comments people post about.

Everyone noticed that most of the posted content on social media is either about death rates of COVID-19, confirmed cases, or how this virus and its symptoms are torture. All of this can cause major harm to those who already suffer from anxiety and paranoia! Therefore, instead of heading to social media to escape, some people started to escape from social media itself.


A Place for COVID-19 Rumors and Misguidance

Social Media did not only became a place for stress but also rumors and misguidance! In other words, some people take advantage of this time and start to make rumors about the virus and that a vaccine has been found, or rumors about the governmental decisions.

One of the dangerous things that have been spreading is medical prescriptions to fight COVID-19. Some people until now post a list of medicines described by doctors for those who are infected, which can lead to risking the patient’s life.

Instead of saving a person’s life, social media can lead to risking many lives.


Social Media is powerful and is essential but one has to be careful so they won’t be affected in a negative way especially during this time.

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