#TenforTech; standing on one leg to support girls in tech industry

In a country where social norms continue to downplay women’s abilities, countless companies have tried to fight back against the norm. AlMakinah, a local tech school, is hoping to help support women in a still male-predominant industry; the Tech industry.

Almost a month ago, AlMakinah, in collaboration with SWVL, posted the #TenForTech challenge to ask people to have a more active role in changing the gender-imbalance in the tech industry.

The #TenForTech challenge asked females in the tech and startup world to maintain the tree pose (standing on one leg) for ten seconds.


ATTENTION: It's time YOU played an active role in changing the gender-imbalance in the tech industry!Take part in our #TenForTech Challenge by posting a 10-second video encouraging more female participation in the tech industry, while maintaining the tree pose! If you can't hold the pose, then a picture + caption will suffice!- You can take part in this initiative by contributing $10 to our crowd-funding campaign which would go towards financial aid and scholarships for a deserving woman in our upcoming GearUp Women Edition Program: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/teaching-young-women-how-to-code-in-egypt-technology#/?1- Encourage your lady friends who want to go through a life-altering experience to apply for the program: https://www.almakinah.com/gearup-women- Raise awareness about this initiative and challenge more friends to post their videos/pictures. Don't forget to tag us and include our hashtags #TenForTech & #YouCodeGirlWe're challenging RiseUp Global Shapers Cairo Giza Global Shapers Entreprenelle Startup Scene to post their videos/pictures!Balance to change the imbalance!

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For those who want to invest more, the tech school has a crowd funding campaign to provide financial aid and scholarships for women striving to join the industry.

Dozens of women, and supportive men, in the industry showed their support through the hashtag.


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Being founded by two ladies, we had to take the challenge AlMakinah 💪 Whether in tech or in all walks of life, we think that girls rock! So for the love of girls hard work, passion, and dedication we contributed to AlMakinah's crowd-funding campaign which would go towards financial aid and scholarships for a deserving woman in their upcoming GearUp Women Edition Program Check it out from here: https://www.almakinah.com/gearup-women You too can play an active role in changing the gender-imbalance in the tech industry! by doing and the challenge and contribute here https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/teaching-young-women-how-to-code-in-egypt-technology#/?1 Thanks AlMakinah for taking action and helping in a real cause, though the pose was a tricky one 😅 #TenForTech #YouCodeGirl #GirlPower #WomenEmpowerment #GearUpWomen

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Here's the full #TenForTech 360 vid Elves – Your Personal Little Helper did at our company retreat last weekend – scroll around to see who made the full 10 sec in a one legged yoga pose #girlswhocode #womenintech

Posted by Karim Elsahy on Monday, August 14, 2017

We are both grateful and humbled by the incredible support we have received on our #TenForTech Challenge. We would…

Posted by AlMakinah on Friday, August 18, 2017


With youth unemployment at 33.4%, not to mention women’s rate is at 45.7%, today’s youth are constantly looking for ways to improve their chances of getting a job. The tech industry in Egypt is still growing, with the help of startups and startup encouragers.

Perhaps with coding, women can have better opportunities and better lives.

Are you participating in the #TenForTech challenge? Let us see your photos or videos in the comments below.

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