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Swvl urges people to stay home and creates free, safe buses for necessary trips only

The fast spread of COVID-19 and putting everyone’s life in danger have forced the country to go into a major change.

Ever since the pandemic virus started to spread rapidly, Egypt has announced a curfew, starting Wednesday, 25th of March 2020 to limit social interactions and to force people to stay home.

With the current complicated situation and the applied curfew, every work entity took some major decisions regarding the work process. Some companies decided to have their employees work from home and others had their work on hold.

Other companies or national entities can’t enforce the “Work from Home” process neither to put the work on hold, which makes it harder for employees to go to their work due to the circumstances; but no need to worry as SWVL is giving the best solution that will make these days easier for employees.


Swvl Prioritizes Customers

As we all know Swvl is a transportation application that allows you to book seats on buses across Egypt with a specific time and price, and a meeting point.

The application has specific routes and affordable rides to make transportation easier.

استخدم برومو HereForYou#خليك_في_البيت

Posted by Swvl on Wednesday, March 25, 2020

The current situation had everyone scared of transportation with all its kind but since Swvl’s only priority is their customers and their safety, they have taken some serious measures to let their customers know that they are here for them.

The company is taking the situation and precautions very seriously as they want to reassure their customers and facilitate their routes.


Swvl Is Here To The Rescue

One of the important precautions that have to be put into consideration is social distancing; Swvl is making sure of applying this inside their buses.

The company’s main concern is how to make sure everyone is safe. They only operate necessary “Must-have trips” for people that must leave their homes, and there will be no fee for these routes during this tough time.

their system to protect their customers. They only operate essential routes that people always take, and there will be no fees for the main routes today.

One of the things that Swvl made sure to apply is social distancing, so they have a new seating system. If you are worried about who will be sitting next to you, then you don’t have to. They reduced the seats to have fewer passengers on the bus to maintain social distancing between a person and another.

The company is trying to make going to work safe for people during these tough days. So, if you are heading to work, you will be in safe hands.

Swvl to Support Its Captains

In order to support other employees, Swvl captains are still working as they are members of the Swvl family, so they decided to stand by them during this time and support them financially…. Let’s remove the first sentence and combine them together with the below one

The company has decided that since Swvl captains are helping the community, it will support them financially to enable them to get their home and family needs.

Swvl is here for them and is making sure that everyone is safe with limited seating and disinfected buses after every ride.

Swvl urges people to follow the necessary precautions of social distancing and to stay home to help limit COVID-19 from spreading, but since some people are facing difficulties to carry out these rules due to their jobs, Swvl is here for them and is making sure that everyone is safe.

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