Stay Home: Orange launching a bunch of digital solutions to manage your business remotely

Given the recent events in the world and the widespread of COVID-19, the government has been taking serious actions of enforcing a curfew, advising people to stay home and to follow the advised precautions to avoid any infection.

Orange, which is one of the biggest telecommunications corporations in Egypt, came supporting Egyptians and urging them to follow the given instructions.

The company started a “Stay Safe” initiative to encourage people to stay home, Orange is providing its customers with services that will help them with their daily life chores and as for entrepreneurs, the company is providing them with services and solutions to run their business remotely. Orange was also the first company to have “Stay Safe” appearing next to the network signal on their customers’ phones.

Your Business is in Safe Hands

Since most companies operate from home these days, Orange is giving its corporate clients the best services to run their business and keep up with their employees through Orange U-Ctrl+ application.

The application is designed to give corporate clients a full digital experience where it can allow them to control their purchased Orange lines; pay bills, control services subscription and cancellation, changing the internet bundles and lines tariffs.

Orange is also providing entrepreneurs and SMEs with a Connect2Work network; it is a virtual private network (VPN) that allows them to proceed with their business through any device that is connected to the internet. It can be used from any place and at any time.

Another service Orange is providing is Avaya Space Service, It allows the company to follow up with business and to contact their team or clients remotely. They can schedule meetings, assign tasks, share screens, take notes and send instant messages.

The company is presenting one of the best digital solutions, which is Business Pro; the service will provide entrepreneurs and startups with solutions to develop their business and raise its performance and competence.

Orange Making Staying Home Easier

To encourage Egyptians to stay home, Orange created the slogan “Staying home is crucial, but it does not have to be boring. Stay connected and follow-up your work and studies”.

The company enabled customers to pay all of their bills through Orange Cash wallet application, in addition to adding a 20% free extra traffic allowance on all Home Internet and Home 4G packages at the same prices for all current and new customers.

Orange has given school and college students free access to the educational websites that relate to the Ministry of Education and to keep up with the updates of the Coronavirus’s protection.


Orange Will Bring Entertainment to Your Home

Orange is launching a new campaign under the name “Orange brings you closer to what matters most to you at your home”. The company is providing communication services that include entertainment. Through Orange TV Plus, users can enjoy free unlimited streaming of shows, movies, plays and international series for two weeks.

Orange customers can also use My Orange application to pay bills, recharge their balance, and control their internet packages along with the ability to borrow credit from Orange by dialing #8#.

The company stated that they are providing their customers with 30 times the recharge amount, free units and the option to share internet bundles between one person and another.

Another service Orange is providing is Orange 8000, which can deliver the customer’s orders to their doorstep, answer their questions and their needed assistance.

Comes with the previous service is Orange Online Shop, which allows the customer to do online shopping in Orange’s store and can choose the desired product, internet device or phone. The customer will enjoy devices’ installments and free delivery.


Orange is Putting its Employees First

Orange is taking serious measurements to avoid any infection and has been following the precautions that were enforced by the World Health Organization and the government. The company has suspended all of its international business trips and limited its domestic ones until the end of May.

As for the internal employees, the company has applied the “Work from Home” process for those who can operate from home to reduce social gatherings.

As for those who can only operate from the company itself, they were provided with a safe working environment.

The first thing the company does at the beginning of each day is detecting the employees’ temperature through infrared thermometers, they don’t allow external visits unless it’s for maintenance cases and they undergo the company’s health checking policy.

Orange has put hand-sanitizing devices in each of its premises and distributed masks and gloves on its employees to guarantee their safety. The company also sterilizes its buildings’ surfaces, bathrooms, elevators on a daily basis; they also make sure of providing the working places during the working hours with fresh air and ventilation.

The company has given its employees who suffer from chronic diseases such as heart conditions, diabetes, lung diseases, or other serious medical conditions, 14 days of paid leave after coordinating with the company’s medical team and the direct manager.

We can notice the efforts made from Orange and other companies to ensure everyone’s safety and we hope this crisis can pass without any major losses.

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