Start Your Engines: Somabay Hosts Global Hybrid Electric Challenge

SOMABAY, the lavish red sea resort, is opening new doors for global recognition while positioning itself as the first Egyptian entity sponsoring the Hybrid Tech in the Egyptian Market.

No one can deny that Egypt is in desperate need for sustainable energy projects and more investors in the field of renewable energy and more eco-friendly means of transportation. As a matter of fact, the upcoming energy crisis that is facing the entire world is not going to be merciful especially to developing nations.

SOMABAY resorts in association with Global EEE “a US-based non-profit organization” are leading an entirely new initiative to the Egyptian market, which is the Global Hybrid Electric challenge.


SOMABAY: The Green Destination

The idea came up when SOMABAY Resorts faced many energy-based challenges regarding their projects in remote places in southern Egypt.

On march 10th, engineering students from all over Egypt will be gathered at SOMABAY resort to partake in a one of a kind event.

The event is designed to support the development of sustainable eco-friendly energy techs and promote a culture of energy efficiency, education and environmental awareness

The Global Hybrid Electric Challenge is considered to be a “Brain sports challenge” while focusing on developing the mental capabilities and the practical experience of the Egyptian engineering students.

Moreover, the challenge will be monitored by an expert, world-class group of judges in the field of hybrid Tech.

Also, the event will reduce the educational gap between the Egyptian and global students by hosting the event gradually starting the local Egyptian market till reaching the global panel

It’s not a challenge for speed, It’s Brain Sport

In fact, the entire challenge is a project-oriented learning initiative, which focuses on the learning aspect more than the final product.

Therefore, we can say that the event is a highly sophisticated and appreciated learning experience that should not go unnoticed by all the local investors, thriving startups, and even the governmental sector.

In other words, SOMABAY resort is setting a new standard in the social responsibility initiatives in the Egyptian market that everyone should look up to.

The Fun-fuelled 3 day event will host more than 150 students, and 10 teams will be chosen from all educational institutions across Egypt. In particular, teams will be gathered from renowned universities such as Ain Shams, Helwan, Banha, Zagazig, MUST, AUC, GUC, BUE, UFE.

The challenge is meant to stimulate Practical skills and creativity in all participants and optimize their theoretical knowledge in a more realistic setting

Each team has already received their car kits. Also, they are presently working on assembling and engineering their hybrid vehicles for the challenge.

SOMABAY resorts have eased the funding, and logistics aspect of the entire event, which was impossible to achieve without their monetary endorsements.

We are proud to have such a high-tech initiative on the Egyptian soil especially in such a rough economical times that we now live in.

Moataz Akram

AUCian marketing graduate, tactical thinker with a passion to research and strong will to do things right. A Marketing Fanatic!