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Social Media Customer Revenge

IT is not just a source of generating leads, spread promotion. It could be a source of any marketing manager headache and would harm your reputation badly…

Its Social Media Networks. They wouldn’t say it was a positive experience for using your service or, your products but they will say this: it turned out okay. Not awesome, but okay. That’s about the best you can hope for some industries including Telecom with millions of customer base. And we already witnessed how Vodafone #Shokran hashtag turned to be a back fire for Vodafone Egypt. Also Mobinil had a less luck on Social Media for net loss: LE177 million for one Tweet

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Promoted tweet used to complain about British Airways

This was a new trend when unsatisfied customer decided to pay for taking revenge over British Airways to spread the word about his unpleasant experience. The hero of this story is businessman Hasan Syed made headlines this week after buying several promoted Tweets to blast British Airways for allegedly losing his father’s luggage on a flight to Paris.

Hasan Syed spent 1000 $ for promoted tweet used to complain about British Airways
Hasan Syed spent 1000 $ for promoted tweet to complain about British Airways

“I’ve seen complaints about airlines and other services via Twitter all the time, I thought maybe it might be interesting to see how promoted tweets might work and if that would get anyone’s attention”- Syed says

Mr Syed purchased his paid-for tweet via Twitter’s self-service ad platform for an undisclosed sum. He targeted New York and UK markets with the tweet.

The Chicago-based business owner, bought a promoted tweet Monday night bemoaning the poor customer service his family had received from the airline. Not only did his 400 followers see the tweet but also 50,000 other Twitter users based in New York and the United Kingdom that Syed paid to target.

CIB Egypt customer’s decide to take revenge worth 14K EGP

Another story by Egyptian Customer Shehab El Bakar, shared on Facebook to reach 2600 shares in 12 hrs. Mr. Shehab in his statements announce it obvious that he wants to redeem his stolen 14,ooo EGP for harming CIB Bank reputation

The worst part of this post is how comparison was made between CIB service and HSBC service and the security conditions made by both banks that can protect customers money. Also, it seams Mr. Shehab is not only the angry customer and allot of comments indicates a degree of unsatisfactory experience with CIB bank.

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Meanwhile, Crowd sourcing your experience for a certain brand weather its good or, bad experience can go non-stop simply because people believe their friends recommendations more than any paid adverts . Also strong Social Media presence could help keep big businesses more honest, possibly. If they have poor customer service, the repercussions could be far more damaging.

According to Nielsen’s trust in Ad report 2012, In Egypt, 91% of online consumers trust recommendations from people they know and 74% trust consumers opinions posted online, which witnessed the highest increase since 2009(+14%).

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