Sir David Attenborough breaks Jennifer Aniston’s Instagram record as he reaches 1M followers in 4 Hours

Sir David Attenborough has broken Jennifer Aniston's record for the fastest time to reach a million followers on Instagram.

Gaining a million followers is a huge step for any social media account, so can you imagine gaining more than a million followers?

Instagram and Facebook are the most two platforms that people celebrate the number of followers on, especially Instagram. Over the years, we have seen many social media influencers and celebrities celebrate reaching a million followers.

Sometimes gaining over a million followers at the same time can even break down the platform and it happened multiple times with Instagram, and some accounts even made it to Guinness World Records.


An Instagram Account Makes It to Guinness World Records

A new user has joined the Instagram world and this is Sir David Attenborough who is a 94 worldwide famous Naturalist and broadcaster.

Sir Attenborough joined Instagram on Thursday and within 4 hours and 44 minutes; he reached his first million followers, which made him break the previous record holder in Guinness World Records.


Not The First Time for Instagram to Break World Records

Instagram broke down multiple times over the years due to the sudden huge number of people that follow a certain account and it is not the first time to join Guinness.

In fact, a couple of months ago, the famous icon Jennifer Anniston caused Instagram to break down when she created her account as she gained over a million followers within 5 hours and 16 minutes. Aniston took the title and broke the previous record of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The royal couple used to hold the world’s record of gaining one million followers in 5 hours and 45 minutes when they created their SussexRoyal account in April.

This wasn’t the first time for Aniston to break down Instagram as she did it when she uploaded a photo of herself and the whole FRIENDS cast, which caused many people to like the photo gaining over 16 million likes.

Also, when another FRIENDS member who is the great actor Matthew Perry joined Instagram, he too caused to break down as many people tried to follow him and due to the large number the follow button was not responding.


The New Age of Guinness World Records

Guinness World Records is known to hold records of many categories including weird things like people who eat glass, so with the emergence of social media, it was a good thing to see that more new categories appear especially with the emergence of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

It is weird yet fascinating to see how a huge number of people can break down an application and causing it to stop working due to the huge load they are putting and we are actually excited to see who’s next to steal the title from Sir David Attenborough.


With the days, passing by we probably might witness more social media-related topic breaks world records.

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