Should Companies Apply New Work Process After The Pandemic?

The business and each entity were affected by the pandemic and the situation had caused every company to change its work system to adapt to the circumstances.

Every company managed to provide its employees with a system that enabled them to work from home without facing any obstacles and even meetings were managed to be attended remotely.

The changes that occurred to the work system had a positive impact on work, employees, and even business owners, which makes us wonder if companies should change their work system even after the pandemic is over.


Achieving Balance

Work-Life balance is actually a myth because at a certain moment either life or work will pressure the other; but with the pandemic and how people worked from home, somehow it was achievable.

Working from home gave people the time to connect with their families again and have time for themselves to enjoy their hobbies and their new habits.

Many people stated that working from home actually gave them the time to get all their work done without any negative impact.

If we went back to the time before the pandemic, we would find that many companies refused to let their employees work from home or they allowed them a certain amount of days to do so.

So, can this new system make an impact in the future, and companies would allow working from home?


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A little Flexibility Can Harm No Body

Surprisingly we found out that many companies can provide their employees with a little flexibility.

Companies created systems that can keep their employees safe; some entities specify certain days for each department to work from the office. Some let their employees decide whether they want to work from the office or from home and meetings are either held online or attended for one day per week.

In fact, Google has changed its work system and its employees are working from till the end of 2020 and those whose jobs don’t require them to be in the office can work from home until June 30, 2021.

Also, Facebook allowed its employees to work from home until the end of 2020 while Twitter announced that its employees can work from home forever and those who prefer to work from the office will wait till September 2020.

Flexibility had a good impact on employees and in fact, made them more productive.


Managers Were Tolerant

The current situation made managers tolerant since they understood what people are going through. We could notice that employers understood how people were anxious and how they were scared of the circumstances.

Being tolerant is what led to providing employees with flexibility and understanding the employees’ mental state made the work environment easier.


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Log in Time or Getting the work done?

Most of the companies have a firm system when it comes to the time the employees log in, but with the pandemic and employees working from home, this rule wasn’t a big deal anymore.

Many employees have complained about companies being too cruel when it comes to the time they show up and that their hard work didn’t matter.

With the work from home system, it was all about getting the work done perfectly and that no one misses a deadline.


Can Companies Apply Similar Systems When We Overcome The Pandemic?

If we were to look at the whole situation and its impact, we would find that it indeed had a positive impact, some employees were more productive at home and some employers found out that through working from home, they can achieve a little balance.

Some companies did not force their employees to any system; in fact, some were able to work according to what makes them comfortable, either from the office or from home.


This situation made us wonder if companies paid attention to the difference the new system made and if they will consider applying new rules to the work system.

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