Shereen Reda & Dhafer L’Abidine Co-Star Etisalat Emerald’s New Bundles Commercial

Etisalat has surprised us once when they collaborated with the famous actress Sherin Reda to promote Etisalat Emerald and its new bundles and services.

This time the telecom company collaborated with another icon to promote the new services of Etisalat Emerald. Last month Etisalat launched a new campaign with an advert collaborating with the Actress Sherin Reda and the actor Dhafer L’Abidine.

We have to say that both the advert and the promoted bundles are attention grabbers and it is obvious that Etisalat knows the triggers to grab people’s attention and how to attract more users to join the network.


Sherin and Dhafer in One Advert

Etisalat collaborated with two of the most admirable actors; it is known that everyone loves Sherin Reda especially guys and it is widely known that girls admire Dhafer L’Abidine. So, putting them both together in one advert definitely grabbed people’s attention.

The numbers are even showing it all, the advert got 35,074,919 million views and 43K likes on Youtube and on Facebook, it has 15.2 million views and 31K reactions.

Also, the idea of the advert delivered the new services of Etisalat Emerald in a simple and easy way.


Etisalat Emerald Makes Life Easier

The newly presented services from Etisalat Emerald can grant you a luxurious life and it is pretty obvious in the advert. With every new service Etisalat launches, it proves that the company always puts its customers first as it is always trying to make everything easy for them through its plans.

This time the Etisalat is providing new services with benefits that make it hard to say no to and they will make your life and your business experience easy to control.

Emerald offering is one the most flexible tariff design when compared to other similar products in the Egyptian telecom market and the customer experience reflected in the campaign storyboard is super caring with a state of art digital experience for managing your Emerald family accounts.

Emerald is providing their elite customers with the full control over their bundle. They can add their child lines, assign quota and transfer more quota in hassle free user experience. The customers can do anything with just a touch of button including adding more quota, removing quota, exchanging roaming, adding free entertainment add-ons and paying their bill and a lot more.


All of Your Services and Benefits Under One Roof

In 24 hours you can switch to being Etisalat Emerald with the same number in an easy process.

The new bundle offers you many services to enjoy and they are all under one bill; you can include family members in this bundle and it will remain included in one bill. Depending on the plan you will choose, you can add up to 6 family members to your bundle so they can enjoy the services and the benefits and you can have up to 10000 minutes to call your family members.

One of the benefits is never worrying about your internet bundle; the plan will provide you the benefit of carrying over the unused mobile internet data to the next month.


Etisalat Emerald Offers The Entertainment Services We All Want

The new plans include entertainment bundles that have many benefits. The users can enjoy up to 6 entertainment bundles such as Etisalat Music where they can listen to unlimited songs without being interrupted by adverts, Islamic Services to know the prayers timing, listening and reading Quran, and many more, also users can enjoy Etisalat Sports to be updated with the latest news regarding matches and its schedules.

If you want to lead a healthy lifestyle and workout, then you can enjoy the Etisalat Fitness where you can enjoy some home workouts and nutrition tips.

Also, users can enjoy Etisalat TV where they can enjoy watching many movies, TV Shows, and series and high-quality TV channels that include OSN, StarzPlay, and Disney.


Have Your Own Personal Account Manager

When you switch to Etisalat Emerald you will have a personal account manager who will answer all of your questions or requests regarding the plan, bundles, and benefits to make your experience easier.

Also, one of the privileges that you will enjoy is that will have access to up to 840 global airport lounges only to Emerald members.

We have to admit that Etisalat always impresses us with how it always prioritizes its users and finds a way to satisfy them.

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