Brand Activation Launches Mobile App for Jobseekers has launched a new mobile application to welcome the largest number of mobile users in an effort to facilitate the registration process to attend the first employment fair in Egypt where thousands of job seekers will be granted immediate hiring.

The application offers the same benefits and services as It provides a competitive advantage for those who are less tech savvy by presenting jobseekers simplified questions to answer through voice notes in order to provide their data and information to companies.  The application also allows people with special needs to register their information and enables them to easily apply for jobs.  The application directly sends the collected information to companies. mobile app for Android smartphones mobile app for Android smartphones

Omar Khalifa, CEO of, stated, “We are pleased with our contribution to creating positive communication between companies and jobseekers through and our first employment fair; which will help advance society and boost economic growth.”

He added, “We have received thousands of registration requests from those interested to attend the fair to find the right employment opportunity.  We have launched a new smartphone application in a bid to help jobseekers record their information whether manually or through voice note to attend the employment fair.”

The new application gives companies easy access to jobseekers’ information as well as companies.  Additionally, the application uses simplified icons that allow users to browse, record their information, and easily connect with companies.

Minister of Social Solidarity, Dr. Ghada Waly, and Minister of Manpower, Mr. Mohamed Saafan will be present at the employment fair. The fair will have a discussion panel entitled “Unemployment Hoax…Causes and Challenges” on the challenges of

unemployment, providing job opportunities in Egypt, and the importance of the fair in creating job opportunities for various segments of the community.  Participating in the discussion panel is Dr. Ahmed El-Geyoushi, Deputy of the Minister of Education for Technical Education, Ms. Amal Mowafy, Chief Technical Advisor at International Labor Organization, Dr. Noha Bakr, Political Science Professor at The American University in Cairo and Mr. Wael Fakharany, Managing Director Egypt and Senior Vice President Government Relationship at Careem.

Shaghalni employment fair, organized by The Worx EMC, a leader in event organizing, aims to give jobseekers a chance to take part in interviews on the spot with participating companies and receive immediate preliminary approval or rejection, as opposed to the traditional means of submitting resumes and waiting.  This process creates mutual trust and seriousness between employers and jobseekers.

The fair will be held on Saturday, December 24, 2016 at the Greek Campus, Downtown.  It will run from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. to accommodate the large number of expected attendants, which is set to exceed 10,000 jobseekers.  Those interested in participating can apply online through the following link.

To download the application kindly follow the link provides thousands of jobs for intermediate level graduates, craftsmen, technicians, and some opportunities for college graduates. The website seeks to extend its services to all Arab countries, where unemployment rates have reached nearly 30%.  It is scheduled to reach the Gulf countries in 2018, particularly since the website already has 1,000 subscribers from outside Egypt.

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