See how S3Geeks stay loyal after their friend passed away

We never got the chance to meet Bahr Nasr El Din, but all the comments we saw from his friends.  Bahr Nasr El Din is one of the co-founders of S3Geeks and one of ambassadors for Arab Net conference 2011 held in Cairo with several activities in enriching the Arabic content on the world wide web.

Aristotle: What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.[/blockquote]Bahr Nasr El Din passed away few days ago. His friends at S3Geeks Egyptian entrepreneurship community published on S3Geeks website post stating that Bahr have passed away but his smile will never die.

They made this touchy move by developing a website holding Bahr name []  and reserving the domain name till 2020 to keep his memory showing faithful and very loyal

Bahr friends have used their profession and developed a website for him and spread the link on Social Networks inviting all Egyptian Entrepreneurship community in Egypt to visit the website regularly and enjoy listening and posting Holy Quran as ongoing charity to their friend spirit.

We show appreciation for a man we never had the chance to meet but we owe him and his friends a huge respect.

Screenshot from Bahr Nasr website []
Screenshot from Bahr Nasr website []

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