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Savage Marketing 2019: Big Names, Big Topics, Big Opportunities

Marketing events and conferences continue to build up momentum and powerful content, here and internationally, providing us marketers with exciting new concepts, case studies and more. Sadly, summer usually has a lull for local marketing events, so what is a marketer supposed to do while preparing for the last 2 quarters of the year?

There are still some conferences during the hot summer months, such as Savage Marketing 2019, whose summer conference will be in nearby Amsterdam (approx. 5 hours away by plane) on the 2nd week of June.

But, should agencies and creatives make the trip?


Savage Marketing

In it’s 4th year, the bi-annual conference connects some of the biggest brands and brand heads to audiences to answer some of the biggest marketing questions out there and provide a wealth of insights and inside knowledge. Their June 2019 event will be no exception.

From how to re-activate the senses through content, the world’s first foldable smartphone (sorry, it’s not Samsung) to workshops on Artificial Intelligence and how to integrate it into your content strategy and mobile marketing, 2019’s agenda looks jampacked with goodies.

From Red bull Media House’s Chief Innovation Officer to Uber Eats EMEA’s Head of Brand and Campaigns and numerous other high-level executives from major brands such as L’oreal, Adidas, Philips and Business Insider, Savage has big names and big opportunities to connect to some of the world’s more interesting creatives and business minds.

So, looks like Savage Marketing 2019, June edition, isn’t one to miss for big brand and big content enthusiasts.


So, who are we looking forward to this year?

Business Insider UK and Europe’s Managing Director Julian Childs returns to Savage for another year by apparent popular demand to discuss unifying customer experience across multiple channels and brands. Business Insider has grown to receive over 355M unique visitors monthly in only 11 years, and provides major surveys and reports alongside both industry and edutainment news.

Andreas Gall from Red Bull Media House will share the company’s innovation strategy and his insights into how consumers will interact with media in 2020-2021. Red Bulls’ Media House expanded the energy drinks’ empire, using its extremely popular branded content as a stepping stone into becoming one of the biggest content creation companies in the sports industry.

Bettina Stier Scatamachia, the Global Marketing Director of Chiquita, one of the world’s leading Banana companies, will go on stage to talk about how they engaged thousands with their World Banana Day campaign. In partnership with Snapchat, the company put scannable codes on 200 million of its iconic blue banana stickers that unlocked AR experiences on the app. The partnership included AR filters as well, such as turning selfies into Bananas and a gamified filter where users had to catch fruit into a basket. This was not the first time they used AR as part of their efforts to reach out, last year they partnered with Shazam to share information on the brand’s sustainability efforts.

And so many more such as L’Oreal’s talk on machine learning driven customer experiences and insights on creating personalized services and products, and AmRest’s Olgierd Danielewicz’s talk on his experiences on building a customer experience culture both online and offline for brands like KFC, Pizza Hut, Burger King are on our event watchlist.


Savage Marketing 2019, June edition, will happen on June 12-13 at the Meervaart Theatre in Amsterdam.

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