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Samsung Galaxy Mission A raises the bar for Egyptian adverts!

There is a certain appeal and edge to unbranded teaser campaigns, when done right, meaning a brand creates a concept-focused piece of content, casting uniquely chosen people that are relevant to the brand who are credible and influential to generate buzz along with leaving a hint or an inside joke for the audience to start guessing and speculating.

As a brand, before deciding to create an unbranded teaser campaign, you have got to make sure that your big content reveal is captivating and worthy of the buzz you expect to generate because the audience expectation will be higher, so you have to make sure not to disappoint.

Is it a movie? Is it an advert? Anticipation and Buzz:

You might have caught an elusive teaser either on television or social media and couldn’t determine if it is a movie teaser or a brand’s advertisement.

Three amazing movie stars appearing with an ambiguous message about secret agents and a mission only they can undergo! In an old, what looks like a mosque or an ancient building, dressed all in black ready for risky business. With a departing message,“Mission A”, you’re left guessing: What is Mission A? Who is the mastermind behind bringing Maged el Kedwany, Asser Yassin and Yasmine Sabri together? And what are they up to?

All that got you extremely curious, right? Well, in this case, curiosity did not kill the cat. It revived her.

Heady Anticipation:

Brands understand that they have got to reach extreme heights of creativity to retain the attention of their audience, as the attention span of any internet user now is even shorter than a goldfish (attention span of humans with a digital lifestyle is believed to be 8 seconds).

So by creating a mysterious teaser that leave the audience speculating whether it’s a brand advert or a movie, means the quality, settings and casting were on point to cause such curiosity.

The teaser was posted on Yasmine Sabri’s instagram account and was viewed 80.2K times in 1 day. Moreover, Asser Yassin posted it as well on his Instagram and Facebook accounts and was watched 33.6K and 74K respectively.

Samsung #MissionA Action Reveal:

The big mystery is finally divulged. Samsung revealed its film advert, because simply calling it an advert will never do it justice, an advert can’t hold a candle to this masterpiece of storytelling.

The parting message of “MissionA” is actually #GalaxyMissionA. As it turns out it is not the Egyptian 007, but we can totally see it as one. It is more of a short movie with Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017) product placement than an advert with a boring list of features.

The script is written in a way that feels natural, with its action packed scenes, mystery and humorous attributes which tell us the story of the new #SamsungGalaxyA.

Starting with the play on words of, “No “one” other than us can undergo these missions,” and “The only tool needed is Samsung Galaxy A7, because it is the only phone which can handle such a mission”, has us anticipating what this smartphone could possibly be like.

As the storyline progresses, the features of the Galaxy A7 are revealed. Water resistance, a 16MP front camera and external memory of up to 256GB were all used to successfully fulfill the mission. And as with every superhero movie, there is always a sidekick, and with this film ad, the sidekicks were the Gear S3 watch and Gear IconX wireless earphones. They were subtly introduced throughout the mission, and had audiences reeling to own them too.

The Samsung film ad conveys that the phone is set up for tough missions and only those bold enough would be attracted to such a sleek, premium smartphone.

With such an exceptional film advert, Samsung has surely given other brands a good run for their money – and we don’t just mean within the smartphone or electronics industry.

Anticipation and reactions:

It is worth mentioning that Maged el Kedwany is known for many great roles, however in this setting it reminds us of his role in La Tarago3 Wala Esteslam (Mohema Mostaheela) – the humorous Egyptian Mission Impossible. Asser Yassin is also known for his memorable role in “Al Gezira” and Yasmine Sabri is known for her rebellious and captivating role in Tareeky (طريقي), the Ramadan series. This medley of celebrities is the potent mix that left audiences guessing whether this truly was the Egyptian version of “Mission Impossible”.

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